3 Ways to Deal With Wastewater Backup

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Experiencing wastewater backup is never any fun. If it’s been a while since your last plumbing inspection in Blue Ash, OH, you may end up experiencing this situation sooner, rather than later. To prevent it from causing further problems, it’s best to deal with wastewater backup as soon as possible.

At CME Pipe Lining, we want you to be informed about the best way to handle these situations when calamity strikes. This is why we’ve provided you with these three steps to follow the next time you experience wastewater back ups.

  • Shut Off the Electricity – If you are in a severe situation, and if you can do so safely, you should attempt to shut off the electricity in your home. Doing so will keep any water from getting in contact with your electrical outlets. That said, never step foot in standing water that has come in contact with electrical sources, as doing so may cost you your life. To ultimately avoid this sort of situation, schedule a professional sewer inspection in Blue Ash, OH about once each year.
  • Protect Yourself and Others – It goes without saying, sewer water can be nasty business. Rather than risk putting your health and others in jeopardy, you should block off all affected areas while wearing the proper protective gear such as safety glasses, boots, and gloves if you must enter those areas.
  • Call Your Local Plumber – Once you’ve ensured that your family members, pets and other occupants of the home are safe, reach out to your local plumber for a pipe inspection in Blue Ash, OH.

By utilizing sewer camera inspection services in Blue Ash, OH, our plumber will be able to spot the offending issue within your plumbing system while staying out of harm’s way. Afterwards, our technician will offer you options for how to best remedy the situation.

All in all, to best, avoid these types of emergency situations, be sure to have an annual sewer and drain inspection in Blue Ash, OH. CME Pipe Lining provides exceptional drain cleaning services that can help prevent wastewater backup. Contact CME Pipe Lining today.