4 Ways to Keep Your Ohio Pipes Running Through the Winter

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Any resident of Ohio is familiar with the common problems that can occur when the temperatures drop during winter. You may have already put snow tires on your car or bought a fresh supply of de-icer in anticipation of snow and ice. Property owners also take proactive steps to protect their plumbing from common cold-weather nightmares. Here are four maintenance tips to preserve your pipes and maintain water flow all winter long.

1. Insulate Your Pipes
When uninsulated plumbing pipes freeze and burst, they can flood your home and leave you with a costly repair bill — not just from repairing your broken pipes, but from water damage to your property. Don’t let water freeze in your pipes this winter. Wrap them in foam plumbing tubing, available from your local hardware store, and secure it with duct tape. Don’t overlook outdoor pipes in this process, too.

2. Be Cautious About What You Put Down Your Drain
You should always be mindful not to treat your kitchen sink like a trash can, but this advice is especially important to follow in the winter. Cooking oil, coffee grounds and large food scraps are more likely to result in a clog when it’s cold outside.

3. Protect Your Water Supply
Having the hot water suddenly run out during your shower can be a rude awakening, particularly in the winter. Your water heater runs less efficiently in cold weather. You can prevent this problem by insulating the room where your water heater is, or by calling an experienced technician to insulate your water heater itself.

4. Get Preventive Maintenance
The best way to protect your pipes this winter is to get any leaks or clogs repaired before the chilly weather fully sets in. You don’t want to worry about a plumbing issue popping up while you’re entertaining guests during the holidays, or having to deal with the hassle of a flooded basement in the depths of winter. Call your local experts at CME Sewer Repair to fix those minor problems before they develop into something more severe.

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