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Eliminate Unnecessary Digging

Historically, repairing a pipe meant accessing the pipe where it was damaged in order to replace the damaged portion with a new pipe. This meant excavating (digging) a large enough trench to be able to access and repair the pipe, no matter what length or depth the pipe was, or what stood above it (trees, driveways, production floors, retail space, etc.).

CIPP (Cure In Place Pipe), also known as Trenchless Pipe Repair or Pipe Lining, eliminates the need to excavate. Instead, the old pipe is lined, creating a brand new pipe within the old one, which has made the process very popular with our customers.

The question is: Why dig if you do not have to?

  • The major benefit of CIPP is the fact that it is installed without the need for digging a trench, meaning it can be fully installed without disturbing anything that lies above the pipe – from landscaping to manufacturing equipment to store shelves. This is a significant advantage for the following reasons:
    • The whole process of digging, repairing, and backfilling takes days to accomplish
    • Digging can create a wide range of potential problems and complications
    • Digging creates the added cost of replacing what was removed to dig the trench in the first place
  • Also, the CIPP process creates a brand new, high-quality, and durable pipe within the old pipe that will withstand decades of use with the proper maintenance. With CIPP you get a completely new pipe versus a spot repair, which is a much better long-term investment.
  • Finally, with our trenchless epoxy pipe liners we can generally have your pipe fully repaired to a better-than-new condition in about 24 hours.

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