Advantages of Pipe Bursting for Sewer Pipe Repair in Columbus, OH

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Pipe bursting is an effective and cost effective way of replacing broken pipes without having to dig up the pipe. It may sound a bit ridiculous to a person who is not familiar with modern plumbing techniques, but it is one of the common methods used by plumbers in Columbus, OH.

For a better understanding of the benefits of this technique, it is important to briefly explain the procedure.

As the name suggests, the old pipe is actually burst, but this is not some kind of explosion. Access is gained to one end of the damaged pipe, and then a special tool with a narrow head and wide body is fed into the existing pipe, this tool has a body that is wider in diameter than the existing pipe so that it is able to break up the pipe and push the broken pieces into the ground while installing a new pipe in its place.

The general idea is to replace a broken and old pipe with a new one that is either bigger or the same size as the old one without having to dig up a trench. Possibly, you can already see the first advantage.


No need for trenches

If you have seen a site in Columbus OH where pipes are being replaced using the trench digging methods, you will have noticed how messy it is. With pipe bursting all this is avoided as at worst, 2 holes are dug at opposite ends of the existing pipe in order to gain an entry and exit point. Other times there is no need as the sewer pipe can be accessed through the manholes.

Cost effective

Since there is no need to dig trenches, it is less labor intensive which means less money is spent on paying people to dig up the trench as well as cover it up at the end. You also save money that would have been used to repair a garden or floor that had to be dug up.

Less Time Spent on the job

This works both for the plumbers and the customer. For the plumber, spending less time on a single job means they can move on to another job and make more money while for the customer, the inconvenience of having your home or office turned into a work site is reduced, the plumber will be done in a day or less and they are out. Besides fixing the sewer pipe means you cannot use the toilet and sinks so the faster they are done, the better.

Less risk

Pipe bursting presents less risk of damage to property or even individuals. It is a much safer option than digging trenches with heavy earth moving equipment. Despite the use of the word bursting, there are no explosions in this procedure and problems like trenches sinking after the job is completed are eliminated.

Better Flow

Because the plumbers tend to use slightly wider piped to replace the old ones, there is a better flow of sewage created by the bigger pipes. If you were experiencing blockage from time to time, chances are it will stop following the pipe bursting.

If you have the job done by experienced professionals, then you will be able to enjoy these Advantages of Pipe Bursting for Sewer Pipe Repair in Columbus, OH.