Commercial Trenchless Technology in Columbus, OH

Trenchless Sewer Line ReplacementCommercial property owners in the Columbus Ohio area can look forward to having their sewer pipe lines replaced or repaired without business or neighbor disruption. There’s a new kind of sewer line repair, and it’s called commercial trenchless technology in Columbus, OH. This new innovation is already making its rounds as perhaps the best and the most efficient way to restore underground pipes back to working order.

Repair Your Pipes The Smart Way

Most commercial drain problems, especially those who are in the food industry, are caused by food and grease blockages. Add to the fact that drinking straws, feminine pads, mop fibers, paper towels and whatnots are flushed down the drain everyday. These things can block sinks, sewer lines and floor drains, leading to a business disruption that costs dearly.

Back then, the only option to deal with these headaches were to hire manpower and machineries to dig up the whole line. Business owners would often spend thousands of dollars just to put new pipes in place and resume business. Thank goodness for trenchless, because they are arguably the best thing to happen in the history of sewer pipe line repairs.

Why Choose Trenchless Repairs in Columbus, Ohio?

1. Trenchless Takes Less Time

We all know how notoriously long traditional repairs take. Days of excavation, followed by digging and installing new pipes can easily take weeks to complete. This is a no-no, especially if you’re running a business. Trenchless sewer repairs take less time. Instead of waiting for weeks, you only have to wait a day or two to get back in business.

2. Trenchless Costs Less Money

Not only is trenchless repair the best way to cut back on commercial downtime, but it’s also the best way to save on necessary repairs for your establishment. You will no longer need to hire heavy machinery and operators. All it takes is a high definition fiber optic camera fed into the problem pipes and installing a new pipe to take its place. Trenchless has been found to save business owners up to 70 percent as compared to going with the old traditional methods.

3. Trenchless Is Long-Lasting

The best way on how to fix your problem pipes is via an inspection. There are many types of trenchless repairs, each with their pros and cons. No matter what you choose, you can be sure that the new pipes will last for a long, long time. Trenchless is considered as a permanent repair that can stand for a decade or two.

4. Trenchless Is Green

Plumbers just need to drill two small holes at either end of the problem pipe instead of having to dig up the entire line. It does away with using heavy machinery, allowing your business to run with less disruptions. Commercial or industrial buildings experiencing problems with their pipes wouldn’t need to tear into the walls and ruin the beautiful decoration. They can use the pipe lining or the CIPP method to install the new, working pipes into place. You won’t need to hire a second contractor just to put the landscape back to normal.