If your Cincinnati-area residential, commercial, industrial, or municipal pipes collapse, rely on our professional team of CME Pipe Lining & Sewer Repair technicians to identify the problem and offer an effective, minimally invasive long-term solution.

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Causes of Collapsed Pipes

Corrosion and erosion, cracks and leaks… If left unaddressed, these will ultimately lead to the collapse of your underground sewer and process pipes. The main causes of collapsed pipes in our Cincinnati Tri State area to be aware of are:

Residential, Commercial, and Municipal pipes:

  • Invading tree roots. Tree roots seek out moisture and nutrients underground. A crack in your pipe will attract tree roots to the water and nutrients within it. The roots grow toward your pipes, eventually invading them and causing blockage and structural collapse.


  • Age. Older pipes were made of a variety of materials, which were more or less prone to deterioration over time. Some were structurally solid, but have eroded over the many decades since they were installed, such as clay pipes. Others were made with cheaper materials with much less structural integrity resulting in cracks and collapses after a much shorter period of time. If your older pipes are located within corrosive soil conditions, the aging process may also be accelerated and require more serious repair.


  • Weather shifts. Extreme temperature changes in the Midwest winter and summer seasons can put extra stress on your pipes and make them more likely to shift and collapse.


Industrial Pipes:

  • Pipe Material. Some facilities that were built for one type of manufacturing process end up housing different manufacturing processes over the course of their history, and the original pipes may not have been specified for the new type of manufacturing processes, for example high-temperature wastewater or the frequent use of caustic cleaners, causing erosion and/or corrosion to those pipes.


  • Age. As above, the age of the pipes, combined with their material specifications and the manufacturing processes they are involved with, will affect their state of integrity and their longevity.


Signs of Collapsed Pipes

If your pipes have collapsed, you may notice the following symptoms:

  • Foul odor. If you smell sewage, especially in the lower levels of your home or business, you may have a collapse along your property’s sewer line.


  • Unusual noises. If you hear bubbling noises when you use the sink or toilet in your Tri State property, there may be a collapse in your pipes or sewer system.


  • Wastewater and sewage backup. If sewage or wastewater is backing up into your property, you may have a collapse in the pipes.


Let CME Pipe Lining & Sewer Repair Restore Your Pipes Today

If you notice any signs of collapsed pipes, contact our experts today. If left untreated, collapsed pipes can lead to unhealthy and unsightly messes that can harm people’s health and heavily damage your property, requiring a lot of time and money to repair and clean up. Our trenchless technologies can offer a repair process that is much cleaner, quicker, and more convenient.
The trenchless repair process may include:

  • Conducting a real-time camera inspection. Our skilled team will arrive promptly at your property to assess the situation. One of our highly-trained technicians will use a real-time camera to see inside your pipes and determine exactly what is happening and where. This information will help the technicians determine the best possible solution to your problem.


  • Digging small access holes. After the camera inspection, our skilled technicians may dig small access holes at both ends of the collapsed pipe and carefully use high pressure water to clean the pipe and prevent further erosion and collapse.


  • Installing a seamless liner. Once the pipe is prepped and ready, Our professionals will apply a seamless epoxy-resin-saturated liner to the interior of your damaged pipes. The liner will essentially replace your existing pipes from the inside out, eliminating the need for extensive digging and trenching through your entire property.


Don’t let collapsed pipes bring your life or business to a halt. Contact CME today to learn more about our trenchless pipe repair and replacement services.