The constant drip of a leaking faucet is more than just a small annoyance, it could signal serious problems within your pipes. Leaks from broken or corroded pipes can create no end of headaches for property owners, and cause thousands of dollars of damage to your Cincinnati-area home or business. Our team at CME Sewer Repair helps customers stay proactive about their pipes by understanding the key warning signs of leaking pipes in addition to providing you with the best method for professional leak repair.

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Why is Your Pipe Leaking?

Plumbing pipes can spring leaks for several different reasons:

  • As your building’s foundation gradually settles, your pipes can shift, causing them to burst or become offset.


  • Higher-than-average water pressure increases the chances of burst pipelines and leaks by causing unnecessary damage to your sewer lines.


  • Pipes that have begun to show their age can develop leaks when their materials become corroded.


  • Seismic shifts affect underground pipes and cause them to break.


The Trouble with Leaky Pipes

You can’t afford to ignore leaks in hopes that they’ll disappear on their own. Leaks will gradually get more severe as time goes by, and eventually cause extensive damage like flooding, water stains, mildew growth and warped flooring. When you take factors like these into account, it’s easy to envision an unaddressed leak costing thousands of dollars and significantly lowering your property value. It’s much more sensible to call the experts at CME Sewer Repair as soon as you notice you have a leak, rather than allowing it to get worse.

No-Dig Leak Repair Services

If you have a leak, you might have jumped to the conclusion that repairing it will require extensive damage to your property. However, plumbing techniques have come a long way in the last several years, allowing companies that have invested in the proper tools and training to offer minimally invasive solutions for leaking pipes.

At CME Sewer Repair, we have dedicated our business to trenchless pipe repair, which allows us to eliminate leaks by rehabilitating pipes with an underground repair process. As you might be able to infer from the word trenchless, the idea behind this method of repair is that it does not require us to excavate your entire pipeline to access the leak. Instead, we insert a liner into the damaged pipe that is saturated with a uniquely formulated resin. As the resin dries, it seals itself to the interior of your old pipe, forming a new, highly robust sewer line that is leak-free.

The most significant advantage of trenchless sewer relining is that repairs usually take a fraction of the time of a traditional dig-and-replace sewer repair process. A trenchless project also enables us to use less heavy machinery and a smaller crew, which makes it more environmentally conscious. And, when we’re finished with the work, we leave your property spick and span.

Cincinnati’s Trenchless Leak Repair Specialists

Don’t put your property at risk by ignoring a plumbing leak. As soon as you suspect a problem, call CME Sewer Repair so we can dispatch our expert crew to fix your leaking pipe without digging or destroying your landscaping or hardscaping. We serve the entire metropolitan Cincinnati area, including residential, commercial, municipal and industrial customers in northern Kentucky and southeastern Indiana.