When you own an older or historic home or business, there are a number of concerns that often present themselves. Structural issues and aged zoning laws are just a couple of the issues associated with owning an older building. However, there is another concern that isn’t as obvious: antiquated piping. Older-generation pipes are becoming increasingly rare, but many homes throughout the country remain equipped with old steel or cast iron pipes. Regular use of these pipe systems, without proper, professional and routine maintenance, can result in health hazards, service interruptions, and problematic pipe fractures. If your home or business is equipped with old pipes, and you are experiencing problems tied to them, contact a pipe professional like CME to determine the best solution for your individual situation.

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Old Pipes: The Lurking Danger

Old pipes do not seem like a potential danger to most people, but a trained piping expert can recognize and explain the potential hazards associated with them. Antique pipes are often made of galvanized steel or cast iron, and may seem as sturdy and as effective as modern piping. However, these old pipes are typically eroded, cracked or their joints have shifted, all of which will eventually lead to a blocked pipe. Blocked pipes, in turn, lead to sewage or wastewater backups, which represent a health hazard to your home or business, not to mention cause stress and disruption.

How does CME repair my old pipes?

The CME pipe repair process is designed to ensure maximum customer satisfaction for the minimal expense and minimal intrusion. Our technicians have years of experience implementing our pipe rehabilitation solutions and are enthusiastic in the service of our customers. We utilize a combination of technology and professional techniques to make sure your old or antique pipe repair service is completed on time and on, or below budget.

Do you need your old pipes repaired or replaced? Go with CME Pipe!

If your home or business is built on galvanized steel or cast iron pipes, you may be exposing your family, customers and employees to potential dangers. When determining how to resolve the issue of old pipes, it is best to contact a licensed pipe expert, like CME, to provide a professional analysis and a recommendation for the most cost-effective and long-term solution for your individual problem. Whatever your budget, whatever your schedule and whatever your problem, CME is here to help. Give us a call today!