For property owners, whether residential, commercial, industrial or municipal, a wastewater backup incident is more than just an inconvenience. A sewage backup is the worst-case scenario that will pose a significant health risk, interrupt your regular schedule and cost a lot of time and money to repair. If you own or manage a commercial or industrial property, a sewage backup will likely force you to close your business temporarily, losing you customers and impacting your bottom line. At CME Sewer Repair & Pipe Lining, we want you to know about wastewater backups and what you should do if the unthinkable happens at your Cincinnati-area home or business.

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What Causes Sewer Backups?

There are many reasons a residential, commercial or industrial property could experience a sewer backup. Some of the most common causes include:

  • Accumulated soap scum, cooking oils, and tree roots that invade pipes in search of water and nutrients.


  • Collapsed main line sewer pipes: outdated sewage systems have been a major reason for sanitary sewer backups, flooded basements and overflows.


  • So-called “flushable” wet wipes frequently result in clogged pipes. Though manufacturers market them as being safe to flush, in reality, flushed wet wipes often create massive clogs that cause sewer lines to backup and overflow. These wipes are made of a cloth-like material that does not disintegrate the way dry toilet paper does, and because of this, they build up in the sewer system.


  • Communities with combined sewage and stormwater systems are at a greater risk of getting inundated by severe rainfall, resulting in overflows.


What to Do When You Have a Wastewater Backup

If you find more than one of your drains are overflowing at the same time, your first impulse might be to head to your neighborhood hardware store to pick up a bottle of commercial drain cleaner. However, you should avoid these products if you have multiple backed-up plumbing fixtures. Not only will they fail to resolve your problem, they could even make things worse by further damaging pipes that are already compromised.

Draining the water as soon as possible is a priority for the health and hygiene of your property. Wastewater backups are a legitimate health risk; the water contains nasty bacteria that can be toxic, and standing water can also promote the growth of mold and mildew that lead to respiratory problems. Overflowing toilets and other plumbing fixtures can also cause thousands of dollars in damage to floors, electrical systems, walls, furniture and other possessions.

Clear Your Clogs Today with CME Sewer Repair

Don’t let a clogged sewer line disrupt your life. Contact the professionals at CME Sewer Repair & Pipe Lining today to schedule a sewer inspection to determine the cause of your blockage and outline a permanent fix. We offer hydro-jetting, which is a safe and minimally invasive way to scour pipes clean of debris. Our hydro-jetting equipment creates a stream of highly pressurized water that can break up even the most severe clogs, including those that result from tree root invasion. Once clean our pipe professionals will be able to inspect the pipe for cracks, erosion or collapse and outline a repair plan that will prevent any more backups from happening down the road.

Give yourself the gift of knowing that you have taken the best possible steps to keep your pipes clear of clogs and prevent costly and time-consuming wastewater backups. We serve the greater Cincinnati, Ohio, area, including communities in northern Kentucky and southeastern Indiana.