Difference Between Pipe Relining and Pipe Replacement

Difference Between Pipe Relining and Pipe Replacement

If you believe that your property could benefit from trenchless cast iron pipe lining in Wyoming, OH, or another similar pipe repair service, you can be certain that the crew at CME Pipe Lining will do the job right. Trenchless methods reduce or eliminate the hassles associated with traditional pipe repair techniques, and these technologies can be used to fix a cracked, leaky pipe or replace a pipeline that’s too small or too damaged to remain in service.

Trenchless Pipe Relining

For pipes that have been invaded by tree roots, damaged by subsurface rocks or cracked due to settling, cured-in-place pipe relining may be the solution that’s needed. CIPP pipe lining in Wyoming, OH is carried out by inserting a flexible lining inside of an existing pipe through a valve or other easy-to-access opening. The new lining is pressed against the old pipe’s interior using inflatable balloons and hardens to form a strong, cohesive surface that’s capable of containing sewage.

Trenchless and Traditional Pipe Replacement

Pipes that have been completely crushed, have lost the ability to gravity-flow or are too small for their required wastewater load aren’t good candidates for trenchless pipe lining in Wyoming, OH. These cases often necessitate complete removal and replacement by regular excavation or a trenchless pipe replacement technology. 

Trenchless pipe bursting from top pipe lining company in Wyoming, OH, replaces non-serviceable pipes by breaking them apart in their locations underground and pulling new pipes into their places. Limited excavation may be required for pipe bursting, but the extensive digging that must be performed with traditional pipe replacement can usually be avoided.

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