How Can Regular Pipe Inspections Help Avoid Accidents In Older Sewer Systems In Hyde Park Homes?

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Hyde Park is well-known as a prestigious, historic part of Cincinnati, and its reputation is well-deserved: Many of the expansive homes in this exclusive neighborhood date to the early 1900’s. Unfortunately, lurking below these beautiful manors, aging sewer systems are quietly crumbling away, steadily deteriorating until an emergency sewer failure takes over your day.

Why Our Sewer Pipe Inspections Are Important

CME Sewer Repair can help prevent a sewer disaster with our sewer camera inspection service. This remarkable system can reveal signs that a buried sewer pipe is failing, enabling you to take proactive action to prevent an emergency. It combines a durable, waterproof HD camera with long, super-flexible fiber optic cable that can be easily maneuvered through the twists and turns that predominate old sewer networks.

The camera collects detailed footage of the pipe interior, which is fed in real-time through the attached cable to the viewscreen. Our expert technician works the camera through the pipe, inspecting every inch for signs of damage and decay. The camera is sensitive enough to expose subtle signs of wear, such as micro-fissures and early signs of corrosion around joints.

How Inspections Help Us Fix Pipeline Problems

With this detailed data, we can develop a comprehensive restoration plan that addresses the deteriorating areas in your sewer line before they become a major sewer problem. Early detection opens up more treatment options, so we can select an effective, non-invasive technology that rehabilitates the pipe without the need for major excavation. Many Hyde Park homes include irreplaceable, original architectural features that, if destroyed during a sewer repair, would decrease the value of the home.

CME Sewer Repair can repair the pipe using techniques that take advantage of existing access points to protect your investment, such as pipe lining or pipe bursting. Many of these repair strategies are most effective for pipes that still maintain some integrity, so locating and evaluating the situation before a major failure occurs can be extremely beneficial. An inexpensive sewer camera inspection takes just an hour or two and can readily locate problems in time for trenchless repairs to be used effectively.

Sewer inspection also reveals the progress of drain waste buildup such as organic accumulation, mineral layers, and grease. These common drain problems often lead to damaging sewer backups and flooding, but they can be easily removed with drain cleaning techniques such as hydro jetting. Regular sewer inspections can track the thickness of these problems, so we can plan your drain cleaning at the point when it will be most effective. With a regularly scheduled inspection, you can greatly reduce the frequency of drain backups.

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Sewer camera inspection service with CME Sewer Repair is an essential part of good home maintenance that will save you the time and hassle of a major sewer repair by catching the problem while simpler, less invasive options are still available. Our highly-trained inspection technicians are experienced in evaluating the compelling evidence provided by these innovative cameras to learn exactly what is happening in your sewer lines. We then plan the right restoration strategy to yield optimum results. Call us today to schedule your inspection!