How Long Does a Pipe Lining Take?

cast iron pipe lining

When dealing with a leaky sewer pipe, CME Pipe Lining strongly advises you to consider cast iron pipe lining. The technicians will be able to permanently repair your damaged pipe without doing any major digging, which saves a lot of time and money. Read on to find out exactly how long pipe lining takes.

Weather Conditions

In ideal conditions, CIPP pipe lining can be completely in only a few hours. However, the weather can be a major factor. Rain can be a definite obstacle. During the winter, it often takes longer to get the job done. Because of the colder temperatures, the ground tends to be a lot harder. Even digging small holes will prove to be a more difficult task. This factor could put the team behind an extra day.


When seeking sewer pipe lining, it’s always in your best interest to choose an expert in the field. Companies that lack experience often take longer to complete repairs. Even worse, they are far more prone to making mistakes. You could find yourself without running water for much longer than expected. If you want to minimize the amount of downtime, choose an experienced company.

Location of the Damaged Pipe Section

Although trenchless pipe lining in Wyoming, OH, isn’t as invasive as complete pipe replacement, it still requires a minimal amount of digging. The technicians must be able to easily access the pipe. To speed up the process, be sure to clear the work area ahead of time. This means you’ll need to relocate things that may be in the way, including vehicles and yard decorations.

Type of Damage

The type of damage impacts the time it takes pipe lining companies to complete the process. Be sure to consult our team first.

When it comes to cast iron pipe lining or any other efficient solution, contact the pros at CME Pipe Lining. Call us or fill out the online form and schedule an appointment with our team today. For your maintenance needs, consult our division, SWS Environmental.