How Often Should You Schedule a Pipe Inspection

sewer camera inspection

You may never think about your sewer pipes, but they allow your life to be as comfortable and convenient as it is. From supplying appliances such dishwashers to your shower and draining your sinks, your pipes are rarely at rest. Over time, they can break down, and outside forces can damage your pipes and sewer as well.

If you ask most plumbers, they will tell you to schedule a pipe inspection in Blue Ash, OH, every two years. However, there are instances when you would want to have your pipes inspected before two years, including:

  • If your home was built in the 1960s or before
  • If your property contains mature trees
  • If you just moved into a new home

Older homes may have cast iron pipes that have deteriorated over the years and tree roots can burst pipes and cause lead contamination. And if previous homeowners flushed or washed inappropriate items down the drain, you may soon have to deal with a blockage. It may also be time to schedule sewer camera inspection services in Blue Ash, OH, if you’re struggling with backed-up pipes, the smell of sewage, or another sudden issue.

The above suggestions apply to residential properties. For commercial properties, which typically means the pipes carry more water and drainage, it’s smart to schedule sewer inspection in Blue Ash, OH, more frequently. Consider scheduling quarterly inspections with CME Pipe Lining to keep everything running well.

Regardless of the type of property, these inspections can identify and correct potential problems before they become more expensive or disastrous to take care of. Routine drain inspection in Blue Ash, OH, is important for every property owner, even if you can’t see a problem.

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