Is It Time for a Pipe Line Replacement?

pipe replacement

The good news is homeowners don’t need to look too far when they need to replace a sewer line in Cincinnati, OH. But if this is what has you considering the sewer line services we offer at CME Pipe Lining, you should verify with us if a replacement is really what’s necessary. 

You Have Ongoing Drain Problems

At the very least, sewer line repair in Cincinnati, OH, is what’s needed if you are having frequent drain problems. Drain issues that can be related to sewer problems include:

  • Recurring clogs
  • Backups
  • Issues with multiple drains at the same time

In some situations, it’s possible to use trenchless techniques to restore a sewer pipe internally. If drain issues are related to multiple sewer line problems, however, a sewer line replacement in Cincinnati, OH, maybe what’s recommended.

Your Sewer Lines Are Older

Older sewer lines are more likely to be affected by corrosion and invasive tree roots. If this is what has happened to your sewer lines, pipe line replacement may be best. This is more likely to be true if an aging sewer line is damaged in multiple areas, or if the affected pipe has completely collapsed.

Repair Is No Longer Cost-Effective

While there are many situations when sewer pipe line repair in Cincinnati, OH, is a fast, cost-effective way to restore a damaged sewer pipe, this isn’t always the case. If repairs are becoming increasingly frequent and costly, it’s time to consider pipe line replacement. This can be based on results from a camera inspection and a thorough assessment of your pipes.

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CME Pipe Lining specializes in sewer line repair in Cincinnati, OH, and sewer line replacement. We’ll let you know what your options are after performing an initial inspection. You can be sure of efficient solutions that come at reasonable costs.

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