Sewer Repair

What Options are Available for Sewer Repair?

There happen to be several good options available for sewer repair in Dublin, OH and if you are need of a sewer repair you may be able to get it done faster and at a lower cost than you would have a few years ago. Trenchless sewer repair methods have advanced significantly in recent years and they are now used as a primary repair option, when in the past other methods that required trenches were the more commonly used options and were preferred in many areas.

Trenchless options include pipe lining and pipe bursting

Pipe bursting and pipe lining are two of the primary options for sewer repair in Wyoming, OH without needing a trench. Pipe lining is a method that involves inserting a pipe liner in the damaged section of the pipe and inflating it with air. The outside of the pipe liner is coated in a resin made out of an epoxy. The resin dries within a few hours and creates a brand new pipe within the already existing pipe, and as a result there is no digging of any kind required except for the access holes.

Pipe bursting is another trenchless option

Pipe bursting is available for the situations where pipe lining is too costly or difficult to implement. Pipe bursting involves using a device called a bursting head to destroy the existing pipe, or more specifically, the sections of the existing pipe that need to be replaced. While the existing pipe is broken apart using the bursting head, a new pipe is installed right behind it. The new pipe is connected to the existing pipe and it basically installs a new pipe without having to excavate and dig up the existing pipe and remove it.

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Both methods are effective and can work in different situations

Both pipe lining and pipe bursting are excellent methods for sewer repair in Wyoming, OH and these trenchless repair options can be used in several different circumstances. An experienced sewer repair company can give you a good idea on whether or not these repair options will work for your particular project. In many cases they can, and they can save you the hassle of having to deal with landscape repairs and surface disruption. To get more information about trenchless sewer repair or to ask any questions that you may have, call CME Sewer Repair at 513-672-8302 today.