If you’re looking for trenchless pipe lining in Blue Ash, OH, then CME Pipe Lining has you covered. Pipe lining is a straightforward concept. From existing access points, a professional plumber can feed a sleeve through an existing pipe to protect your system from current and future leaks. It’s simple, straightforward, noninvasive, and the modern way of fixing certain plumbing problems.

Reasons You Need Trenchless Pipe Lining

Sometimes it can be hard to notice a leak at first. It’s especially tricky to catch it before water damage occurs. A telling sign could even be something simple that you don’t notice right away — a gradual, inexplicable increase in your water bill. There are many reasons why you may need to seek repairs for a damaged pipe.

It could be ground movement. Depending on where you live, the soil can move over time, putting pressure and wear on your pipes. It doesn’t have to be an earthquake or erosion to cause this either, a tree root can put pressure on your pipes and crack them without directly invading the pipe itself. Though, tree root invasion is common as well.

Corrosion is another common cause, one that is far more common inside the walls of a building or home. Age wears everything down after all. Clogs certainly don’t help either, and untreated ones will wear down your pipes and create weak points in your plumbing system.

To put it simply, over time, your piping and property will wear down and worsen — it’s a fact of life! When that time comes, CIPP pipe lining in Blue Ash, OH, can fix up your pipes without needing to systematically repair your plumbing system.

Why Trenchless Is Advantageous

The days of plumbers armed with shovels to dig up your property are long gone. The industry advances to provide better service and better products, and CME Pipe Lining is right there leading the way. If you are holding off on calling a plumber out of fear of damaging your property, don’t worry — we can put a stop to your pipe problems without destroying your yard.

One of these methods is CIPP pipe lining, or, Cured-in-Place Pipe. It’s the most common and non-invasive way to rehabilitate your pipes. It involves a straightforward process of running a pipe lining through an existing pipe to plug up any leaks from wear and corrosion. Our pipe lining company in Blue Ash, OH, recommends this method because it is completely trenchless.

As a matter of fact, we specialize in trenchless methods. We can routinely perform everything from cast iron pipe lining in Blue Ash, OH, to full sewer pipe lining in Blue Ash, OH. We also offer this service in:

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