If you are seeing signs of sewer lines that aren’t allowing for proper drainage, CME Pipe Lining can give you the answers you need with our reliable sewer camera inspection services in Blue Ash, OH. A high-resolution camera inspection is a minimally invasive way to find out what’s going on within your sewer lines in a way that doesn’t involve digging. The results are used to determine what steps may need to be taken next.

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How a Real-Time Inspection Works

A visual sewer pipe inspection in Blue Ash, OH, done with a camera produces real-time results for home or business owners, but just what is a sewer camera inspection? In a nutshell, it’s a modern technique for looking into sewer lines or pipes that don’t involve the need to dig up dirt, grass, concrete, or other materials that typically cover underground pipes.

When this type of plumbing inspection in Blue Ash, OH, is performed, one of our highly trained technicians uses a high-resolution waterproof camera that’s attached to a flexible rod. The rod and its attached camera and light are inserted through an existing access point, which is called a cleanout. The cameras we use are capable of visually assessing most standard sewer pipe sizes.

The footage from the drain inspection in Blue Ash, OH, is viewed in real-time by a trained CME Pipe Lining expert as the flexible rod is advanced through the sewer line. It will also be recorded so you can see for yourself why certain follow-up recommendations are being made. Additional steps taken may include a thorough cleaning and/or trenchless pipe lining, repair, or replacement.

Why Residents Should Consider Camera-Based Drain Inspections

As long as your sewer pipes are clear enough for a camera to go through, you can likely benefit from a sewer camera inspection. It’s a cost-effective, non-invasive way to find the source of clogged or slow sewer drains, unusual odors, leaks, or blockages. We recommend considering a drain inspection if you are noticing any of these issues.

However, a sewer camera inspection can also be done as a preventative step to reduce your risk of experiencing serious sewer-related problems in the future. Other appealing benefits associated with high-tech, real-time camera plumbing inspections include:

  • Knowing the true condition of your sewer pipes
  • Not having to keep paying to repeatedly have your sewer line flushed because the true source of the problem isn’t being addressed
  • Discovering and correcting hidden issues that could be affecting the efficiency of your sewer system

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