No one likes a sewer smell, but that smell goes from being unpleasant to downright costly when it is at an office, favorite restaurant, or shopping mall. What businesses need to fully understand is that this off-putting smell will occur if you allow your commercial sewer lines to decay and wear out – especially in Cincinnati where many sewer lines are older and long past their expected life. Leaks or other damage will invariably lead to an unpleasant outcome, but the professionals at CME Sewer Repair in Cincinnati will help you keep your commercial building smell- and backup free, while also saving you time and money with their trenchless repair methods.

When Sewer Repair is Needed for Your Commercial Pipes

Over time, old sewer pipes will begin to fail. Corrosion, rust, and years of constant use will result in leaks, clogs, or even a complete rupture within a commercial pipe system. Particularly in older buildings, you may find that the sewer pipes are made out of fragile materials, such as clay, that decay more quickly than modern pipes.

Some Cincinnati business owners tend to put off sewer repairs because traditional sewer repair methods require the excavation of a trench, which will impact not only the look of your business, but may also impact its accessibility to your customers. While excavation is necessary in some cases, most sewer pipes can be repaired and restored through trenchless lining. However, putting off your sewer repair will eventually cause the problem to become worse, resulting in more complicated and expensive repairs down the line. Trenchless sewer repairs drastically reduce or eliminate the damage to your property and preserve your usable space. In fact, with trenchless sewer repair many businesses can go about their day as usual.

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How Trenchless Sewer Repair is Performed

Our professional and knowledgeable staff at CME Sewer Repair in Cincinnati offers a variety of trenchless sewer repair techniques, the most appropriate of which will be selected based on your unique situation. Our techniques include:

Hydro Jetting, which uses a high-powered stream of water to clear debris, tree roots, or other materials that may limit the use of your pipe. Hydro jetting can be performed every year as a preventative measure to keep your pipes operating efficiently or when your pipes need to be prepped for a more permanent repair.

Pipe Lining, where an epoxy-saturated felt liner is applied to the inside of the existing pipe system and cured-in-place. The lining creates a new pipe within the existing pipe, eliminating the need for a complete replacement of the damaged area of pipe.

Pipe replacement or pipe removal, requiring excavation, can be necessary in some cases, but overall, trenchless methods will limit the impact to your facility. Only one access point is typically required for commercial sewer lines in Cincinnati, allowing for inspection and repairs to be done downstream from the affected area.

Why You Should Invest in Trenchless Sewer Repair

Sewer lines will inevitably run underneath your parking lot, manicured landscaping, lobby or other location where a trench will result in costly repairs or impact your daily operations. Trenchless repairs will save time and money by using minimally-invasive equipment and smaller crews. Without digging a trench, your sewer repair can be completed in as little as a day while preserving the integrity of your commercial property. Delaying your sewer repair may make the trenchless repair unfeasible, in which case you will experience the pain and added cost of excavation. So opting for an more immediate trenchless sewer repair will be vastly more efficient and affordable.

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Your Cincinnati Trenchless Sewer Repair Professionals

With nearly 20 years experience, CME Sewer Repair is your Cincinnati authority for commercial trenchless sewer repair. We utilize the industry’s leading trenchless technology to minimize the clean-up and overall impact to your operations. Avoid smelly sewer leaks and let our technicians at CME take care of your sewer repairs. Contact us today for more information about how choosing trenchless services can make your sewer repair quick, simple and hassle-free.