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Cincinnati Ohio Cured In Place Pipe Lining

CIPP services performed here in the great city of Cincinnati is just an abbreviation for cured-in-place-pipe. Basically, its a type of trenchless pipe repair that uses an epoxy resin that when it dries or ‘cures’ in place becomes very, very hard. The epoxy resin sets up inside the broken or host pipe. It adheres to the interior of the pipe and therefore effectively seals out any imperfections or structurally weak areas with the host pipe.

CIPP Is The Best Choice For Pipe Rehabilitation

CIPP is becoming more and more popular as our customers learn about the benefits of this type of trenchless repair, and as the name state, trenchless means no, or minimal digging. It does not require full excavation. This not only saves your property but it also saves you both time and money over conventional repair. Most CIPP manufacturers back their product with a LIFETIME WARRANTY. So when you begin weigh your options with excavation costs there really is no comparison whatsoever. The cherry on top is the warranty because with putting new pipe back into the ground it does not come with a lifetime warranty, most new pipe comes with a 10 year warranty. At the end of the day, CIPP is the best choice for pipe rehabilitation.

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If you would like to learn more about CIPP methods, or you would like to speak with a certified technician then give us a call today, and lets learn about your upcoming project. We can help plan and project all your costs so you can either get the work done or submit a bid. Be sure to ask about our extensive resume and some of our past customers. CME Sewer Repair. we are experts in aspects with cured in place pipe repair.

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