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Pipes form a necessary feature in residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal areas. A weak piping system affects drainage and often causes a ripple effect that will eventually hinder your productivity. For over 20 years, CME Pipe Lining has been ensuring that clients receive excellent repair and maintenance service for your sewers.

For the past seven years, we have exclusively used trenchless pipe lining when making repairs to ensure that we do not interrupt much of your everyday life. We pride ourselves in delivering exceptional services, so contact us now for inquiries and requests for assistance.

Our Areas of Expertise

The sewer lines in residential areas transport wastes from houses to the street’s main sewer line. The consequences of a malfunctioning sewer system include water damages on the ceiling or walls, cracked porch or driveways, poor drainage in your tubs and sinks, and many toilet backups that you cannot explain. When you notice any of the characteristics, it is time to contact us for professional sewer repair at pocket-friendly prices.

We offer trenchless pipe lining because it eliminates unnecessary digging of unaffected parts. We also provide high-quality drain cleaning and make sure you do not encounter blockages. However, we conduct camera inspections beforehand to confirm the need for cleaning the ducts.

Municipalities and industries in Cincinnati, Southeast Indiana, and Covington can also access our sewer repair and maintenance services. Besides pipe lining and sewer repair services, our clients can also receive cleaning services for their drains using world-class trenchless technology. Furthermore, we offer industrial pipe rehabilitation and sewer camera inspection.

The Trenchless Pipe Repair Technology

Your pipes may experience various issues because of age, disintegration, too much build-up, and even cracks caused by tree roots, gravel, or pooling. CME Pipe Lining offers a non-invasive, less disruptive, and destructive method of repair in trenchless technology. The technique is also known as Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) repair, and although it remains innovative, it has been in existence for many years.

The method requires fewer post repairs and comes at reasonable rates as it does not need repairs on the affected landscape. Our expert professional will complete the repairs on your premises within the shortest time possible, depending on the size of the project. Trenchless pipe lining allows business owners to save on resources allocated for repairs and maintenance.

We Ensure Complete Satisfaction

At CME Pipe Lining, we prioritize the satisfaction of our customers; we aim to be your trusted partner because we understand the need to have working pipes, so we work hard to get rid of your pipe problems. Our highly skilled technicians can ensure that your premises remain open by working around your hours of business and offering camera inspection services as well as trenchless sewer repair.

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