Sewer Camera Inspection

Sewer repair has long been considered a difficult undertaking; what with all the digging, mess, disruption, and expenses involved. However, with our plumbing technology it is now possible to repair sewers with minimal disruptions and low costs.

Sewer Repair

CME Sewer Repair has been working in Covington Kentucky for over 20 years, providing customers with high-quality, long lasting, and economical sewer repair and replacement services. With most of our business based on word of mouth referrals, we know we are doing good work. Trenchless sewer pipe lining and repairing have become our signature services and customers are now asking for them by name.

Pipe Lining

Trenchless sewer pipe lining is the process of repairing leaks, holes, and gaps in sewer pipes without having to dig up interior floorings or driveways and yards.
Our team of expert plumbers inspects the sewage pipes with the help of a camera. The images transmitted to a monitor by the camera help to determine the severity of the problem. The camera also helps locate the problem spot.

The solution to malfunctioning sewers depends largely on what our technicians see inside the pipes, and they will discuss all options with clients before they decide on the best way to fix the problem.

Pipe Cleaning

Trenchless pipe repair services start with cleaning the pipes and then plugging the leaks with a patented method called “Heat-Cure Liner System.” As the name implies, this method uses heat to “cure-in-place” a pipe liner made of wool, PVC and resin.

To begin, the CME team uses hydro-jetting to clean sewer pipes. It involves pushing water through the pipes at very high pressure to release debris and gunk sticking to the sides.

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Once the pipe is clean, the resin sleeve is passed through it. Hot water is used to “cure” the resin in place. Once the resin has set, it becomes tougher than concrete and is very smooth, so dirt flowing through the sewers has no place to attach itself. The lining material comes with a 10 year warranty, so our clients can rest assured that this is no half-baked technology.

The trenchless pipe repair system has been gaining in popularity since its introduction 15 years ago. The convenience of having underground pipes fixed or replaced without the hassle of excavation, without having a bunch of men working on your property for days, and without the expense involved in the traditional method of sewer repair is matchless.

From expertise to equipment and necessary regulatory authority permissions, we are a one-stop solution for sewer repair. Clients in need of sewer repair services in the Covington, Kentucky area can get in touch with us. We’ll give a quote for the work to be done and they can rest assured that our price will be economical, the turn-around time will be quick, and the work done will be long lasting.