sewer repair services

When the sewer line in your home or business gets cracked or broken, sewage can start to leak out. And one of the problems with wastewater is that it smells pretty bad. It is also full of harmful bacteria, and if that sewage finds its way into a nearby water source, it will contaminate it. That’s why when the sewer pipes start to leak, getting them repaired should be a priority.

Not so long ago repairing the sewer line meant digging the pipes out. This excavation could go on for several days, making it an expensive job. A few years ago, a new plumbing method was invented which involves practically no digging, and a sewer repair can now be done in less than a day. This technique is known as trenchless sewer repair, and we are experts in it.

What is Trenchless Sewer Repair?

A trenchless sewer repair consists of covering holes and cracks and replacing missing pipe sections to get rid of leaks in the sewer line by using a liner. The process starts by identifying the problem with the help of a sewer camera that is run through the sewer laterals. Our technician sees a live feed that is sent to a monitor, and he evaluates the condition of the pipes and records the location of any problems he detects.

Once the issues have been diagnosed, the pipes need to be cleaned out. Using highly pressurized streams of water, all the scale build up, tree roots, and sludge and debris stuck to the pipes are flushed away into the city’s main sewer line.

After we complete the cleaning process, the repair can begin. We prepare a special epoxy and saturate a felt liner with it. The liner is pushed into the sewer pipes until it reaches the area that needs to be repaired. An exothermic reaction then takes place which makes the epoxy harden, turning it into a new pipe section inside the old pipe.
Why should you consider a trenchless sewer repair?

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This lining method has many benefits: as the epoxy hardens, it molds to the exact diameter of the host pipe. This seals any gaps, and covers holes and cracks, stopping any sewage from leaking out. The liner is resistant to corrosion and calcification deposits and has a life expectancy of over 50 years.

But the main benefit is saving you from digging your property, so there will be no broken hardscape to repair and no dead flowers and lawn to replace.

Can any plumbing company offer this service?

Many plumbers like to do things the old-fashioned way and insist on excavating to reach the pipes. Some are just used to it, and some do not have the tools and knowledge required for a trenchless approach. We have both, so if you are interested in a trenchless sewer repair in Covington, Kentucky, just give us a call. It is our specialty, and we will manage and supply all the equipment, resources, and materials needed to complete the project. Forget about tearing up your home; trenchless sewer repairs are the way to go.