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What Causes Sewer Problems?

If you have been dealing with sewer problems in your Delhi Hills, OH home, you know that they a major headache and can affect your life. We take our functioning sewer lines for granted sometimes but they are necessary to ensure the functionality of just about every plumbing fixture in our home. When your sewer line doesn’t work properly your fixtures don’t drain quickly enough or at all, and this can create havoc in a busy home or a commercial building that has frequent traffic. Professional sewer repair in Delhi Hills, OH can fix most sewer problems, but it helps to know a little bit about what causes sewer problems and how to avoid them.

Improper Waste Disposal Is One of the Biggest Causes of Sewer Problems

The improper disposal of waste like grease, bathroom items, and other types of garbage can create a wide range of different sewer problems. Sewer pipes are not designed to carry grease and other types of garbage other than toilet paper, and as a result, when they are used for this type of waste disposal it often backfires and the sewer lines become partially or completely blocked.

Improper Waste Disposal Can Be Easily Prevented

Disposing of waste in the proper container is important not just for the environment, but to ensure that your sewer line always works the way that it should. Sewer blockages and problems that are caused by waste will end up costing you thousands of dollars to fix if they can’t be repaired with less expensive methods. With how easily preventable they are, it is a shame if you have to deal with them. Make sure that you always dispose of grease and oil in the proper containers in your area that are marked for their disposal, as well as bathroom items, plastics, and other materials that should never be flushed.

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Some Types of Sewer Problems Are Unavoidable

In other cases, sewer problems are sometimes unavoidable and you’ll have to call a company for sewer repair in Delhi Hills, OH. For example, some sewer lines are just outdated and will end up deteriorating over time. There are some types of sewer pipe materials that were used several decades ago but are no longer in major use, like cast iron. Older materials can corrode and break down, and the only way to fix them is to repair them or replace them using newer materials. To learn more about the major causes of sewer problems, contact CME Pipe Lining at (513) 672-8302 or fill out our online form to schedule your appointment.