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When to Schedule a Sewer Inspection

If you are having some sewer troubles but aren’t sure whether or not you should schedule a sewer inspection in Hilltop Acres, OH, this article will hopefully help to clear it up for you. When you are having significant sewer problems like flooding, or backed up sewer lines, or very slowly draining sewer lines, you almost always need to call a professional sewer repair company for an inspection. The chances are that your sewer line has become clogged or otherwise compromised with a leak or a collapse, and you’ll need an inspection in order to survey the repair.

A Sewer Repair Is Necessary When Your Sewer Line Isn’t Working

As previously mentioned you should definitely call for a sewer inspection in Hilltop Acres, OH when you are having a major problem with your sewer line. Your toilets may not be working, or your showers may not be draining. If just one or two of your fixtures aren’t draining properly you should still call a sewer repair company over to ensure that there isn’t something majorly wrong with the sewer line. It doesn’t cost that much just for an inspection and it will help to prevent larger potential issues even if there’s nothing wrong with your sewer line.

Schedule a Sewer Inspection If Your Drains Start to Slow

There are some types of sewer problems that don’t happen all at once. For example, tree root invasions start to gradually build up over time. During this period of time, you’ll notice that your drains will start to become slower and slower. Eventually, they may become completely blocked. If you notice that your drains are starting to slow, it’s a good idea to schedule a sewer inspection as soon as you possibly can. The sooner that you schedule an inspection the better.

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Scheduling an Inspection When You First Start Noticing Problems Is a Good Idea

If you wait too long to schedule a sewer inspection in Hilltop Acres, OH, you’ll end up losing out on the opportunity to stop a sewer problem before it becomes major. You’ll spend a lot less money on a minor sewer problem than you will for a sewer collapse or a total blockage that results from tree roots or other causes. Be sure that you schedule an inspection when you notice any of the signs of a sewer issue like gurgling noises coming from your drains or toilet, water backing up, flooding when water is drained, foul odors, and other problems. To learn more about sewer inspections, call CME Pipe Lining at 513-672-8302 or fill out our online form to schedule your appointment.