Sewer Camera Inspection

How to Prevent Sewer Issues

It’s always preferable to prevent a sewer repair in Hilltop Acres, OH if you possibly can. You can prevent sewer repairs just by taking a few preventative measures and ensuring that you properly dispose of your waste and your other household items. There are a few main causes of sewer problems that are fairly easily avoidable. In other cases, you will want to have your sewers inspected on a regular basis, especially if you have had sewer problems in the past. Regular inspections can find sewer problems before they become significant.

Make Sure You Dispose of Grease Properly

Grease clogs are one of the biggest reasons why sewer repair in Hilltop Acres, OH, and surrounding areas is needed. Grease should never be disposed of down the drain, but many homes and commercial buildings still do this. Grease clogs can be very difficult to remove and create a very stubborn clog because the cold temperature of the sewer can cause grease to solidify, as well as other environmental factors. There are waste disposal bins in most communities where you can take grease to dispose of it, and in the meantime, you should keep a grease disposal bin until you are ready to dump it in the proper facility.

Use Your Garbage Disposal Wisely

There are items that can become clogged in your sewer lines such as fibrous foods like potato peels, onion skins, plant trimmings, plastic wraps, fabric, sponges, cigarette butts, or other non-biodegradable items that people throw down their garbage disposal. This is a mistake and not only can it end up causing problems for your garbage disposal, but it is also bad for the environment and it can lead to blockages in your sewer line from the garbage. This again is easily avoidable when you just dispose of your garbage in the proper areas and be sure to dispose of non-biodegradable items by recycling.

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Get Regular Inspections

If you have had a sewer repair in Hilltop Acres, OH in the past, the chances are that you may need another one again in the future. It’s a good idea to schedule a sewer inspection at least once per year if you haven’t had problems in a long time, and you may even need to schedule one more often if you are having frequent issues. There are several sewer problems that can arise throughout a year, but if you catch them as they are occurring then they can be fixed at a lower rate in many cases. For more tips on preventing sewer issues call CME Pipe Lining at 513-672-8302 or fill out our online form to schedule your appointment.