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For many homeowners in the local area, a clogged drainage or sewer line is not easily noticeable until it causes havoc to their plumbing systems. These issues pose a significant sanitation hazard to the renter or homeowner. The result of clogged-up pipes is never pleasant, ranging from the accumulation of illness-causing bacteria to a foul stench filling up your property or even worse, sewage flooding on your neat lawn. You need the services of the top pipe lining company in Lebanon, OH, to address the problem immediately.

CME Pipe Lining is proud to be recognized as the leading sewer and drainage service provider for residents of Lebanon and the neighboring areas. Our plumbing solutions range from residential plumbing to industrial services, including cured-in-place pipe, drain cleaning, hydro jetting, and more. Our services are available to our esteemed customers.

Professional Sewer Camera Inspection Services

We make sure to provide our clients with an accurate diagnosis of their sewer line problems, we begin the majority of our services with a thorough commercial sewer and drain inspection. The process helps in revealing other underlying and unprecedented plumbing issues. Sewer camera inspection offers a cheaper way of detecting problems with your sewer. By attaching a waterproof high-resolution camera to rod flexible enough to maneuver the sewer line, we can non-invasively observe the sewer pipes. This means that we won’t have to dig up the canals. The images are then sent back and displayed on a tablet. By using this method, our experts have a clear view of the causes of the sewer clog or leak. The technique also reveals the extent of damage and point of the leakage. Therefore, our qualified team can then decide on the most appropriate course of action. Contact us for a reliable and professional sewer camera inspection.

Top-Notch Trenchless Pipe Lining

Considering that homeowners are responsible for all the entire sewage systems until the point at which it drains into the city’s main sewer line, it is only prudent to have the side sewers serviced. Side sewers consist of the pipes responsible for draining wastewater from your household downspouts and drains into the city’s main sewer line. These side sewers are often neglected as they are mostly underground and out of sight. This is until they develop a leak or clog. To avoid the unnecessary work and cost of having to dig trenches on your lawn to expose the pipes, we employ the cost-effective technique of trenchless pipe lining. By inserting an epoxy liner into your old pipes, we use their structures to form new pipes.

High-Quality Sewer Repair Services

CME Pipe Lining has many years of offering sewer line solutions for renters and homeowners in all our service areas. We deeply understand the need and efficiency of an operational drainage and sewer system. To accomplish this, we ensure that our projects are done in a timely but satisfactory manner. We strive to provide our clients with cost-effective solutions at reasonable pricing. By choosing us, you choose the highly professional and timely sewer system solutions that you deserve. CME Pipe Lining takes pride in providing quality sewer repair and professional drain inspection.

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