At CME Sewer Repair, we service the Lebanon area with innovative technologies that allow us to inspect, clean, and repair your commercial pipes with professionalism and speed. We understand that commercial properties such as restaurants, shopping malls, and hotels have specific needs when it comes to their sewer and drainage system. Our services are practical and affordable which leaves customers with satisfied results. Due the never-ending demand that commercial properties experience, it is important to stay on top of your sewer and drain health to prevent future issues from arising. Our team does not want you to suffer from the overwhelming costs of sewer and drain repairs or replacement because you tried to solve a problem on your own or let it go on for too long.

What is a Sewer & Drain Camera Inspection?

Our sewer and drain services are precise and productive due to sewer and drain camera inspections that precede any pipe cleaning, repair, or replacement. Sewer and drain camera inspections are a part of the state-of-the-art services that are utilized in the modern plumbing industry. The camera inspection process will determine your commercial properties drain and sewer problems and how to best solve your problem. Sewer and drain camera inspections start off with one of our technicians creating a single access point that is strategically placed in the best spot to reach your pipes. When the access point is created, a high-definition camera attached to a flexible rod is inserted into your pipes. The rod is flexible enough to move through the most difficult pipes which is important for more complex systems like shopping malls or apartment buildings. As the camera moves through your pipes, it provides our technician with a real-time view of the inside of your sewer and drain pipes. The footage provided by the camera is crisp showing the minor and major details of your pipes including clogs, cracks, blockages and leaks. When the sewer and drain camera inspection is completed, we can provide you with the best services that fits your commercial property’s needs.

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What Do Our Inspections Reveal?

Sewer and drain camera inspections present a variety of problems within your pipes. Overtime debris and build up can occur within your pipes that make it necessary for other services to be performed. Restaurants are more subject to grease buildup, hotels are prone to hair clogs within their shower drains, and grocery stores can have food buildup from food preparation in their deli and produce section. No matter what the case, sewer and drain camera inspections are performed to reveal what service is best for our customers.

Taking Care of Commercial Sewer and Drain Problems Lebanon, OH

At CME Sewer Repair, we want to provide our Lebanon customers with the best solution possible for their sewer and drain systems. There are a variety of environmentally friendly technologies that take little time and leave your property in pristine condition. Hydro jetting is our most reliable drain cleaning service. The hydro jetting process involves a hose with a special nozzle being inserted into your drain and, once it is properly inserted, clean high-pressure water is sprayed into the pipe to clear all build-up and debris. Hydro jetting is also used to clean pipes before pipe lining takes place to ensure that your new pipes can be installed in the most effective way possible.

Our team at CME Sewer Repair Lebanon, Ohio is eager to provide you with state-of-the-art sewer and drain camera inspections that will help take preventative measures to ensure your business runs smoothly. We want to keep all of our commercial customers sewer and drain systems free of problems that inconvenience employees and customers. Call us today for assistance! We are eager to assist you.

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