Drain clogs- they’re one of the most common, and frustrating part of being a home or business owner. Some clogs are a simple fix, but others can wreak havoc on your home and daily lives. Your drain may be clogged with hair, grease or food debris, but there could also be bigger issues at hand. Pipes connected to damaged main sewer lines will lead to back up and be a serious issue. The same goes for leaks and foul odors.

If your plumbing issue is larger than clogged hair, here are four things not to do:

Try to tackle the problem yourself

    • Trying to diagnose the problem yourself can cost you money in the long run. A plumber can quickly find the problem and create a solution faster and more effectively.


Use Drano

    • Not only are chemicals harsh for you to handle, but it can ruin drain pipes and the equipment used to clear the stoppage.


Don’t replace the hose

    • Water hoses could burst at any moment by changing out the rubber hoses in dishwashing machines every five years.


Tinker with the heaters pressure valve

    • If your valve is not properly removed the pressure from the tank can disperse burning hot water that could be dangerous as well as damage the property.


So how do you know when it’s time to call a professional?

There are a few tell-tale signs that you have a larger pipe problem. One sign that you may have pipe damage is lower water pressure. If your pipe has expanded, cracked or burst it will have difficulty getting water through efficiently. Another indicator is constant clogging. If your pipe is continually getting clogged there is most likely a break in the sewer line. One of the worst signals is foul odor. Your pipes may have pockets of moisture built up as a result of a cracked pipe that produces a fungus-like smell. Finally, a true tell-tale sign that you have drain damage are wet spots in your house. Damp areas often are a result of sewer pipe cracks and leaks.

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If you have large trees in your yard that could be growing roots in your main water line, live in an old house or have construction near you, and you see these signs, it’s time to call a professional. We know what you’re thinking- plumbing problems are costly and destructive, so why not put it off until there’s a bigger problem?

Historically,  you would be right. Sewer line repairs meant calling in crews to  dig up trenches and spend days deconstructing your property. Those days are over. At CME Sewer Repair, they will fix your problem without ever digging up your lawn. They use trenchless pipe technology that means you never have to dig up your lawn  for pipe repairs again. With CME Sewer Repair’s trenchless epoxy sewer pipe liner, they coat over your existing pipe to build a stronger, longer lasting pipe. This is all done in under 24 hours and if you are in Lebanon, OH and are in need of a drain inspection, call CME Sewer Repair for a FREE ESTIMATE on how sewer lining may be the best choice for you.

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