Hydro Jetting Pipe Cleaning

When blockages occur in your pipes, the consequences are painful and you want those pipes cleaned now! There are many companies that offer drain- and pipe-cleaning services, but not all use safe, trenchless methods for unclogging pipes. At CME Sewer Repair, we provide environmentally-friendly drain cleaning services that don’t require harsh chemicals to be poured down your drain. Our team at CME Sewer Repair is proud to provide the Lebanon, Ohio area with the best and safest hydro-jetting services in the industry.

What Pipe Problems Does Hydro Jetting Solve

Certain materials can build up on the inside of a pipe and cause chronic clogging and other problems. Additionally, tree roots can invade pipes and cause a long-lasting obstruction. Residential, commercial, municipal, and industrial properties in Lebanon utilize hydro jetting for old pipes that have years of buildup that cannot be flushed out with traditional chemical cleaners, snakes, or augers. Restaurants in particular may have grease or other food debris buildup in their pipes.

The buildup inside pipes will continue to grow, slowly closing off the pipe, restricting usage and potentially causing further damage that could lead to costly repairs or full pipe replacement. Hydro jetting effectively removes obstructions to restore full function to the pipe.

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The Hydro Jetting Process in The Cincinnati Tri-State Area

Your trenchless pipe cleaning in Lebanon will begin with a thorough camera inspection. The affected area will first be inspected from a single access point and a high-resolution waterproof camera will be inserted into your pipe. Sewer camera inspections allow our team at CME to locate and identify the cause of your pipe problems. The type of obstruction that is present will help the technician make an informed decision about how it can best be cleared.

Hydro jetting involves a specialized multi-directional nozzle that is attached to a hose that is then inserted into your troublesome pipe through an access point. Once the hose is properly in place, a high-powered stream of water is used to break up tree roots or other debris. It also cleans the inside of the pipe, clearing away hardened scale and other stubborn materials. The materials simply dissipate and are flushed down the pipeline, leaving your pipes clear and unobstructed.

Advantages of Hydro Jetting Your Cincinnati Tri-State Area Pipes

At CME Sewer Repair, we value our local customers’ time which is why we have invested in and use the best trenchless technologies in the industry. Hydro jetting saves you a significant amount of time by reducing the total time to complete your drain cleaning process. Since no excavation is needed, our technician can get right to work, typically using existing access points.

Hydro jetting is also affordable and can save you from expensive excavation repairs. Your landscaping, paving, and structures are preserved with hydro jetting as they are with all other trenchless methods.

Trenchless pipe cleaning is versatile and used in a wide range of residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal pipe repair jobs. We bring all the necessary equipment to the job site, so you don’t need to worry about renting additional machinery or any other logistics.

Finally, hydro jetting is clean and environmentally friendly. The advanced equipment utilizes water only, as opposed to chemicals or other means of clearing debris that result in secondary waste streams. Your property and pipes will not be contaminated with possibly harmful chemicals because they simply aren’t needed during hydro jetting.

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