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Everything You Need To Know About Trenchless Pipe Lining

Did you know that if you own your home, you are responsible for the entire sewage system all the way until it connects to the city’s main sewage line?

That means that even the side sewers that go under sidewalks or across properties with different owners could still become your problem.

Take the city of Seattle for example, where side sewers are becoming a large problem in some of their neighborhoods. Side sewers are the pipe system that carries your house’s wastewater from the plumbing and downspouts of your structure to the city’s public sewer system.

People tend not to pay attention to their side sewers because they are out of sight. You know how the saying goes… out of sight, out of mind. That is, until a leak springs up and you find yourself standing in the middle of a soppy mess.

Even worse, it happens on the sidewalk near your house and you think it’s not your problem. Until the city comes knocking on your door with a bill and a tacked on fee for having to diagnose the issue. Turns out, it was part of your side sewer.

As was the case for those Seattle residents, side sewer repair costs quickly added up. They could start around $10k with some paying up to $70k for their repairs!

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Sewer And Pipe Inspection Services

Don’t wait until you have a disaster on your hands before getting your pipes inspected. It’s always a good idea to include inspections of your sewage system into your annual home maintenance.

Not only will that help you detect potential problems before costly damage has occurred, it will make the case for insurance coverage when an accident happens. Most people think a burst sewage pipe would be covered under their home insurance. But think again.

An insurance company can deny your claim if you haven’t had any maintenance done to your sewage system. A burst sewage pipe would be categorized as a regular maintenance issue, not an emergency. That’s why you should definitely have your pipes inspected.

The cost to have your pipes repaired before there is a big problem is much less as well. As with smartphones and laptops, technology with sewer repairs has gotten better too.

What Is Trenchless Pipe Lining

Trenchless pipe lining is a method of using your old pipes to “build” new pipes. An epoxy liner is put into your old pipes, using them as the structure to form “new” pipes. This method is preferred over traditional methods that include having to dig a trench to expose the pipes. Digging a trench translates to a huge hole in your yard, digging up your driveway, or ripping out your walls.

With trenchless plumbing, you can skip all of that damage and the costs associated with fixing it back up. It won’t disturb any of your landscaping or leave a mess of your house.

Use trenchless plumbing to create durable, high-quality and new pipes off of your old ones!

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