Drain Cleaning

Are you experiencing slow or nonexistent drainage in your pipes? This could be because it’s time for a drain cleaning! Your pipes carry down waste from your entire home and the drains are the start of it all. Take care of them for perfect functionality. Look no further than CME Pipe Lining for your drain cleaning in Montgomery, OH.

Why Drain Cleaning?

It may seem pointless to clean your drains when you’re just going to use them again in ten minutes, but regular cleaning and inspection means a lot. Maintaining your pipes and drains keeps them running smoothly. Clogging, backups and other issues impact your entire home. From your lawn to your floors, to your comfort, your life is impacted by improperly functioning pipes and drains.

When your pipes get backed up and refuse to work, they spill onto your floors. This costs money. When this kind of clog backs up your entire pipe, it can cause cracks. This costs money. Pipe repair problems build up. Why not make it easier by getting drain cleaning services?

How Are Drains Cleaned?

Other companies may use traditional repair methods such as “the snake”, a large plastic cable that plumbing technicians use to clear our clogs, but this doesn’t clear out the entire pipe. We use trenchless technologies here at CME Pipe Lining. This means we use technologies like hydro-jetting for the ultimate fix for clogs, clumps, and other drainage blockages.

Hydro-jetting uses highly pressurized water to clear out pipes. Water exits through three metal nozzles capping off a hose, and we flood water through your pipes. It’s essentially a tsunami for your pipes! Our company is one of few that uses this technology in Ohio, and we’re happy to come out to your Montgomery, OH home to provide this service to you.

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Why CME Pipe Lining?

We offer a free video inspection with sewer cleaning. This means we get a full scope of your pipes before we even go in there, freeing you of an additional charge. This saves money, and that’s always a great thing! Because we specialize in trenchless options, your property, home, and finances are safe with us. We’re intent on using the most customer-friendly and convenient options.

We have 20 years of experience. And not just in homes- we have commercial experience in sewer repair and replacement. Your home is safe with us. We manage and supply all of our own equipment, resources, and materials to repair and replace your pipes, sewers, or drains. You don’t have to lift a finger.

We’re covering our own licensing and certification requirements to complete your project, so don’t worry about hashing it out with the city. We’ve got you covered. We provide additional labor resources, so if we need help, we cover it. Your finances are safe with us; we offer financing plans for your ease, convenience, and less stress on you. Don’t hesitate- call us at CME Pipe Lining for your free video inspection and additional drain cleaning services today or fill out our online form to schedule your appointment. We’re eager to work with you.