Sewer Camera Inspection

CME Pipe Lining provides high-quality sewer repair services for people with sewer issues in the Montgomery, OH area. By employing trenchless sewer repair techniques, we can repair sewer pipes easier, faster, and cheaper than traditional plumbing methods.

Save Time and Money

Trenchless sewer repair saves you time and money by restoring your damaged, blocked, or corroded pipes from above ground. We avoid any unnecessary excavations and property damages that are often the hallmarks of traditional sewer repair.

Instead of removing and replacing your pipes, our technicians at CME Pipe Lining reline your existing pipes with a durable material composed of resin combined with a wool and PVC sleeve. This sleeve is heated by hot water as part of our Heat-Cured Liner System. When cooled, this sleeve will adhere to your original pipes, repairing any damage. Cracks and corrosion will be sealed and any intrusions will be blocked when the new internal pipes harden.

The Fastest Way to Repair a Sewer Pipe

By avoiding any excavation and lengthy pipe replacements, you will save a lot of time. You will also be able to avoid any massive clean up and repair projects in the aftermath of your sewer repair. Anyone who’s gone without functioning sewers for any length of time will tell you that it’s incredibly difficult to get by with faulty sewers. We get you back in service as quickly as possible. These advantages explain why you need to make sure that you seek out a professional plumbing service like CME Pipe Lining that offers trenchless repair options in your area.

Most sewers affected by cracks, leaks, and intrusions can be treated via trenchless sewer repair relining. The only way to be sure is to schedule an inspection of your potentially damaged sewer lines. This inspection is another advance made possible by trenchless sewer techniques. Via small waterproof cameras, our technicians will navigate your sewer lines and pinpoint any damage. Based on the severity of the damage, they will set up a plan to repair and reline your pipes or determine if you are ineligible for trenchless sewer repair.

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Get Professional Help

Having a licensed and experienced plumber is invaluable for any home or business owner in Montgomery, OH. While you can DIY a lot of home repairs, you can’t repair your own sewers. You have to rely on plumbing professionals to provide you with the best sewer repair technology and knowledge available.

By contacting an experienced and licensed plumber, you will be getting the best value for your money and you will be sure to avoid a costly breakdown in the future. We have been in business for over 20 years and we are confident in the quality and expertise of our repairs. Your newly relined pipes will also come with the protection of a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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Don’t let sewer damage hold you back. Call us today or fill out our online form to schedule a trenchless sewer inspection and repair your appointment. Whether you are experiencing signs of damage now or you want to prevent future issues, trenchless sewer repair can restore your pipes in no time.