sewer repair services

CME Pipe Lining prides ourselves in offering the best technologies and options to our customers. We are able to do jobs quickly and efficiently, a benefit for both us and our clients.

One of our most valued options is trenchless sewer repair, which is the repairing of sewer systems internally and without the need for digging and accessing pipes externally. Trenchless sewer repair and relining involve using a durable epoxy coating to reline pipes, repairing your entire system in one project, and in as little as just a day’s worth of work.

Trenchless Sewer Repair options are new enough to the industry that it is still being introduced to customers that are unfamiliar with it or have never heard of it. So you’re probably wondering, what are the benefits of this process?

No-Dig Technology

One of the worst parts about traditional plumbing excavations is that you are stuck with a mess even after the job is over and done with. There are mounds of dirt where there were once holes during the project. Your landscaping is no longer beautiful. You have to wait for the grass to regrow. Your plants probably need to be replanted. And this is all after the project is done.

Even after the job is done, there is still more work to do to get your house back in proper condition. Our trenchless sewer repair service will eliminate all of that. You are no longer faced with the destruction of your property’s appearance. There is a small access point that is created and, from there, everything is done completely internally. We are able to inspect, wash and reline your entire sewer system all from within. We do not require accessing the pipes from the outside. So when we leave, it looks as if we were never there and your home is left just as it was, but with a brand new sewer system.

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Saves Time and Money

Here at CME Pipe Lining, we value saving your time and money as our customers. By bringing the newest technologies to the Montgomery, OH area, we are able to cut down the amount of time that it takes for the relining process. This in turn also saves money. Our professionals are able to complete this process in a matter of a day or two. This is a mere fraction of the amount of time that it takes for traditional methods. And we are able to repair the entire system at one time instead of you wasting money on multiple projects at various times spread out.

We want to help you improve your sewer system and save you time and money. If you’re located in the Montgomery, OH area, call us today for an inspection of your sewer system. Our trenchless sewer repair options offer something for everyone. Our sewer inspections are also a trenchless method that allows us to access your pipes internally with our cameras, evaluating things up close and personal without accessing them directly.

Don’t hesitate to treat your pipes. Let us get you the help you need. Give CME Pipe Lining today or fill out our online form to schedule your appointment.