Sewer Camera Inspection

What happens when you hear the words ‘sewer repair?’ If you got a little nervous, we can relate. In the Norwood Ohio area, sewer repair gets a lot of people nervous simply because the term conjures up visions of large pieces of heavy equipment tearing up the streets, cracking sidewalks, destroying landscaping features, and digging massive holes in yards in order to get to sewer pipes that live just a few feet underground. It’s a messy situation that leaves behind scars that take years to disappear.

At CME Sewer Repair we do things a lot differently than that. To begin with, we don’t dig massive holes and trenches. That’s because we use what is known in the industry as trenchless technology. What this simply means is that we won’t tear up your yard, neighborhood, or sidewalk in order to get anywhere near the pipes hidden under your well-manicured and carefully landscaped back yard. Here’s how we do it:

1 – Dig One or Two Small Holes

Okay, you got us. We said we wouldn’t trench your yard and we still won’t. But in order for us to get anywhere near the underground pipes we still need to dig down to them. This kind of digging involves one or two small access holes that will go down to the pipe connection locations and nowhere else.

2 – Use a Camera

Why are we digging one or two holes down to the pipe connections? Well, that’s so we can open the connection and insert a tiny video camera. The video camera saves us from having to tear up your yard so we consider it a huge part of the process that allows us to keep the big trucks at home. The video camera will act as our eyes inside your underground pipes.

3 – Inspect

Now that we can see inside your underground pipe – and didn’t have to dig it out of the ground to do this – the video camera will be moved up and down the length of your sewer lateral so that we can take a close look at the interior of the pipe. When we inspect it in this manner we can spot possible issues. They can include the formation of a clog or cracks. We will be able to identify a break, cave in, or any other issue that is going on inside the pipe. Try doing that without a camera inside!

4 – Plan A Solution

If there is a problem inside your sewer line, we have several different trenchless solutions that can be used to fix the situation. We will suggest the options best suited for the repair and discuss them with you. The main thing to remember is that whatever solution is used, it will take less time to complete and will cost you less than having the pipe dug up and completely replaced.

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