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Trenchless sewer repairs are an interesting spin on the method that was commonly used for many, many years in order to fix and replace sewer lines that were buried underground.
The only effective way a plumbing contractor could access the pipes to even inspect them, let alone repair them, was by digging them out of the ground. This involved the use of several large excavation tools that would not only be loud enough to annoy neighbors, they were so big that yards, streets, sidewalks, and landscaping rarely escaped damage or scarring in some way during or after a sewer pipe repair.

Trenchless technologies have changed all of that. In fact, there is no need for dig and replace methods when you hire a plumbing contractor who uses trenchless technologies. In and around the Norwood Ohio area, you can count on us at CME Sewer Repair for trenchless sewer repair. But what exactly do we mean by trenchless? Sure, you will understand that we don’t tear up your yard or neighborhood but how exactly do we get close enough to the underground pipe in your yard in order to identify a problem and then fix it?

We would like to say that we have plumbing technicians on staff who use x-ray vision to see down to your sewer pipes but that’s just fantasy. However, we do have a way to get eyes inside the pipe and we don’t dig it out in order to do this. Here’s what we actually do:

1 – Dig Down To The Pipe Connections

We access the underground pipe with one or two small holes down to the connection sites. This is where we insert a small video camera.

2 – Watch A Video

With a video camera inside your underground pipe, we can now take a close look at the interior of the pipe. We will be able to see if there is damage or a clog developing.

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3 – Look At Options

Depending on what we find inside your sewer pipe, we will have a number of different repair options available to you. None of them require digging the pipe out of the ground. Even if we have to replace the pipe, it stays where it is.

4 – Do The Job

Once the choice of repair is selected, we will proceed with the job. Often we won’t have to shut off your water service so that means you get a repair without interruption. Plus, we can finish most trenchless repairs in less than a day. The cost difference between our way and the ‘old way’ is also something you will appreciate. And, we won’t leave a mess behind as your reminder of us being there.

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At CME Sewer Repair we can give residents in and around Norwood Ohio trenchless sewer repairs and all you need to do is contact us to book your appointment. You can reach us via email or by calling 513-657-2958.