Drain Cleaning

Sooner or later, the drains in your home will become clogged. Maybe a toilet refuses to flush, or the water in the sink won’t drain away, and getting rid of the clog so it doesn’t keep getting worse is necessary.

You might find many home remedies that are supposed to help clean your drains, but in reality, all you will do is waste your time. Baking soda and vinegar? You might get a nice bubbly volcano effect, but most of the clogs will just laugh at this so-called remedy. The same goes for plungers, snakes, and similar items sold at your local hardware store.

Iffy Drain Cleaning

The problem with plungers is that they only work with clogs that are close to the drain. If the clog is buried deep inside the pipe, you won’t be able to create enough suction force to move that obstruction. And those flimsy plumbing snakes are too weak to cut through tough clogs. If you’re lucky you might be able to poke a hole so the water can start to flow, but the clog will still be there, and sooner or later it will block the pipe again.

Save yourself the hassle and the next time you need to have the drains cleaned get in touch with us. Finding a professional plumber can sometimes be hard in Madison County, but we have been solving plumbing issues and offering drain cleaning in Turpin Hills, OH and its surrounding areas for many years, so we’re sure we can make your drains flow again.

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Great Drain Cleaning

The best way to clean your drains is by using a plumbing technique called hydro jetting. First, we will locate the cleanout on your property to access the entire plumbing system and insert a high-pressure hose which has a jetter nozzle on its end. Then we pump water through the nozzle at a pressure of 3,500 PSI, which is strong enough to remove even the toughest blockage it finds on its way. As you can see, this is an environmentally-friendly technique that uses no chemicals, just plain water.

The high-pressure water stream will cut tree roots, mineral deposits, and any other debris it finds in its way into small pieces that are then flushed away into the city sewer main. It is powerful enough to get rid of tree roots, which are a common source of clogs in sewer lines. Instead of poking a hole in the clog, hydro jetting completely removes it, leaving the surface of the pipe free of sludge which can build up later on.

Drain cleaning in Turpin Hills, OH should be done every couple of years to keep the pipes in your home working as they should, so once you have the clog removed, don’t forget to schedule a drain cleaning service regularly to prevent the clogs from happening again.

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