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The sewer system has its bad days, where everything falls apart, and it slowly starts to damage your residential or commercial property. For days like these, CME Pipe Lining will be ready for your call and offer you professional trenchless sewer repair to restore drainage and increase the life span of your sewer system.

Take a look at what our pipe lining company in Wyoming, OH, can provide you today:

Sewer Camera Inspection Services

When you notice a problem with your sewer line, CME Pipe Lining will suggest a trenchless plumbing inspection. This is where we take a waterproof camera down your sewer pipe as we monitor the canal and take note of any issues.

Our sewer camera inspection can be done when you notice sewage backups, an increase in water pressure, funny rattling noises from the pipe area, or swamp in your yard that’s not a result of heavy rains. There are a few reasons why we prefer trenchless methods to traditional drain inspection methods. The camera inspection method is less intrusive. We only dig or use an entry hole. The traditional way requires excavation.

The trenchless process is fast; it can take up to one hour or less. The traditional method takes a day or more. The camera is accurate. We’ll effortlessly get the problem and its location accurately. With traditional excavation, a lot of guesswork is done to determine the location of the problem.

Drain Cleaning Services

The next step after pipe inspection is to clean the drains. If the problem is clogging from food, grease, and litter, then we’ll conduct drain cleaning to get rid of the clogging materials. Drain cleaning is done using a hydro jet, which is a hosepipe attached to a water tank. We will spray water at a very high pressure of about 35000 psi into the pipe until it’s clean.

Trenchless Pipe Lining

Another issue could be a cracked or corroded pipe that causes water leaks and decreases water pressure in your property. This specific issue can be sorted by a method known as CIPP pipe lining. During sewer pipe lining, our professionals use a tube filled with epoxy to fill the existing pipe and cover all holes and eroded areas. In case your commercial pipelines are made of cast iron, then a cast iron pipe lining will be done. Regardless of the damage and its cause, trenchless pipe lining from CME Pipe Lining can get the job done in a timely and efficient manner.

Sewer Repair Services

Are your tree roots growing deeper into the sewer line? Over time, the roots can destroy your pipes, rendering your whole sewer system useless. Before this happens, our pipe lining company will offer sewer line repair, where we kill the roots using copper sulfate.

Not all sewer problems are better solved trenchless. Some may require complete replacements. In case you want to switch from cast iron piping to PVC, we’ll need to conduct excavation and manually replace sewer line by removing the existing pipe. Rest assured that our sewer repair can address the issue.

Trust CME for Sewer Line Replacement

As you compare CME to other pipe lining companies, you’ll notice that we stand out in a 5-star way. Our response time is as prompt as our services. We ensure to serve you with minimal disruption and clean up when done. Our team is made of well-trained and experienced plumbers who will relate with you professionally and courteously. Finally, with our 20 years of experience, we will show up at your doorstep with the best technology for your sewer line.

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