For manufacturing or production environments, the challenge is minimizing production downtime, which can be caused by sewer pipe issues and will be cause by process pipe failures. Plants will want a quick and long-term fix that will minimize any immediate and future production downtime. CME will perform the services during scheduled shutdowns.

Industrial Services:

  • Sewer lining: permanently repair the sewer pipe to restore a 50-year lifespan to the sewer
  • Sewer repair: repair for sewers that cannot be lined due to collapse
  • Process pipe lining: CME uses a custom high-temperature, low pH-range vinyl-ester composite resin, designed to handle up to 285 degrees F and a pH range of 13 to 2

Maximum Speed and Cleanliness for Minimal Downtime

The repair will be completed quickly and CME will leave the space as clean or cleaner than the way we found it for minimal disruption, during and after the process.