industrial pipe lining

The first signs of sewer or process pipe problems in your Cincinnati-area industrial complex are usually an indication of a more serious issue to come, but don’t get a headache thinking about expensive and time-consuming repairs that will shut down production and put your business on hold. CME Pipe Lining & Sewer Repair offers minimally-intrusive, long-term industrial pipe repair utilizing trenchless solutions that are cost-effective, environmentally-friendly, and efficient. Calling on our professional industry experts to eliminate your sewer and process pipe problems offers several benefits.

Industrial Trenchless Repair Saves You Money

Traditional industrial sewer pipe and underground process pipe repair requires extensive excavation that can tear up your manufacturing facility, its parking lots, and its landscaping and surrounding greenspaces. The excavation price, permitting fees, labor costs, lost production revenue, plus the cost of repairing all the ensuing damage can leave with you a total bill that far exceeds the cost of trenchless repair.

Innovative trenchless repair is much less intrusive than traditional dig-and-repair methods. It requires very little excavation, translating to less material costs on repair, replacement, clean-up, and labor. Our professional technicians use trenchless technology to pinpoint your industrial facility’s pipe issues, offer up-front and affordable solutions, and help prevent future issues that could end up costing you thousands, if not millions, down the road.

Industrial Trenchless Repair Keeps Your Team Safe

Blocked pipes can cause potentially-harmful bacteria, mold, and mildew to build up while older pipes can corrode, leak, and flood contaminants into your water supply. Blocked pipes and leaks can also lead to major water damage in your industrial complex that can disrupt your business and shut down production. Our proactive team uses trenchless technology to quickly assess the materials and condition of your pipes, and suggest efficient and environmentally-responsible repairs to help keep you, your employees, your customers, and your facility safe and efficient.

Industrial Trenchless Repair Saves You Time

The traditional method of open cutting, excavating, repairing, back-filling and cleaning up requires a lot of time; time during which your operations may come to a standstill. Trenchless repair eliminates the need to excavate and remove old pipes. Instead, the trenchless process requires only that our professional technicians dig a small access hole, run a camera through the pipe to locate any damage, and insert an epoxy-resin saturated liner to cure against the inside surface of the existing pipe. The entire process of building a new pipe within the old pipe can be completed in days versus weeks with minimal disruption to your Tri State facility’s functionality.

Don’t take your sewer and process pipe damage lightly because of what you believe the repairs will entail. If your industrial facility is experiencing clogged drains, low water pressure, or weird noises and sewage odors coming from the pipes, a much bigger problem may be lurking beneath the surface. Rely on our friendly, honest, and professional trenchless repair experts at CME Pipe Lining & Sewer Repair to provide a clear assessment of your problems along with a best-possible solution to keep your industrial sewer and process pipes flowing smoothly. Our faster, cleaner trenchless sewer and pipe repair process means you can feel confident that your industrial operations will only be as minimally impacted as current technology allows.