If you own or operate a manufacturing facility in the Cincinnati area (or elsewhere), its operational efficiency and effectiveness are likely your top concerns. The last thing you need is for a single damaged process or sewer pipe to grind your facility’s production to a halt. CME Pipe Lining & Sewer Repair offers trenchless pipe lining to restore the integrity of your pipes while minimizing any disruption to your operations.

Trenchless Pipe Repair Strengthens Structural Integrity

Many pipes involved in manufacturing plant processes are subject to 24/7 wear and tear, making them more susceptible to leaks, breaks, blockages, corrosion, and structural damage. CME uses different epoxy resins for our liners, based on the existing pipes’ usage so that the new, seamless pipes that are created within your existing pipes meet the specifications required to withstand the pH range and water temperatures used in your manufacturing processes. So instead of excavating and removing your old pipes to install new ones, we insert an epoxy-resin-saturated liner into your existing pipes that create a brand new pipe within the old one, restoring its structural integrity without causing significant or excess damage to your manufacturing facility.

How Sewer Repair via Pipe Lining Minimizes Disruption

Trenchless pipe lining in manufacturing plants typically requires our expert technicians to dig a single access hole, which impacts a much smaller area of your industrial property compared to traditional dig, repair, and replacement methods. Instead of shutting down your production for several days or weeks to extensively excavate, repair, backfill and clean-up your industrial complex, our less-invasive trenchless pipe lining process typically takes only a few days. With trenchless pipe lining, your facility and schedule can stay on track to keep your business profitable and productive.

The Pipe Lining Process in Action

If your Tri State manufacturing facility is experiencing any sewer pipe or process pipe issues, our professionals can offer an innovative and cost-effective solution. Our trenchless pipe lining process is more convenient, faster, and less disruptive than traditional dig-and-repair. CME technicians will work with you to determine a work schedule, whether that be during a scheduled shutdown or during your facility’s normal closure hours.

Once the schedule is set, our trained experts will use a real-time camera to see exactly what is happening inside your manufacturing pipes. Then, without displacing any of your manufacturing facility’s process equipment, our team will line your existing pipes with a seamless, cut-to-length, epoxy-resin-saturated liner. The liner is pressurized with air or water, causing it to mold itself to the inside surface of your existing pipe and cure in place. Once the liner has fully cured, the flow can be restored and your pipes should operate smoothly well into the future.

Save yourself the hassle of a long, expensive, high-risk, and messy traditional pipe repair or replacement process. Let your team of local Ohio trenchless professionals at CME Pipe Lining & Sewer Repair install your industrial pipe liner with our highly-reliable trenchless technology. We’ve been offering state-of-the-art industrial sewer and process pipe lining services to top manufacturing plants across the Cincinnati and Tri State area for many years. Trenchless pipe lining is our core business, so if you’re interested in working with the experts, look no further than CME. Give us a call today to get started!