industrial pipe lining

Found a leaking or corroded pipe in your industrial facility and afraid of an impending emergency? It’s never a good idea to ignore sewer pipe problems in a large factory. Your sewer pipes in an industrial factory are often subjected to strong wear and tear. That’s why you might have to schedule constant repair and maintenance work.

The problem with traditional industrial pipe repairing is that it requires excavation, and that means you’ll need to shut down the plant or factory for days or even weeks. During that time, your supply will come to a halt, and that means losing money. You can’t allow your competition to take over your shelves at the grocery store. That’s like closing down the plant for good.

A Better Way to Repair Industrial Pipes

It’s a good thing that the plumbing industry has evolved to offer a way to repair pipes without the need to dig: it’s called trenchless industrial pipe lining. The way it works is by finding an entry point to the pipes system and fixing the pipe from the inside out.

No more excavation

No more disrupting your routine. Your workers and machines can continue working almost the entire time. The best part of this method is the speed with which our plumbers finish the work. Industrial Pipe Lining is completed within a day or two! You don’t have to reschedule your operations or figure out a way to work around a huge a large plumbing crew on your sight.

At CME Sewer Repair, we offer Industrial Pipe Lining to our customers operating busy plants and factories. If you can’t even think of closing down your factory for long repair and maintenance work, we’re here to help. Call us today to set up an appointment and we can even visit your site to give you a better estimate.