At CME Pipe Lining & Sewer Repair, we understand industrial sewer & process pipes can be especially difficult to inspect since they are often located under reinforced concrete production floors and topped with functioning production equipment. However, there are ways to inspect the condition of these pipes without resorting to overly invasive procedures that could take time to complete or could even require a production shutdown.

Signs Your Industrial Pipes Need Inspection

There are several signs to look for when determining whether or not you need to call in a professional to inspect your sewer and/or process pipes. If you are hearing loud clanging noises, smelling any sewer odors in the facility, and/or experiencing frequent and often unexplained backups in your drains – production or sanitary, you’re going to want to have someone come in and get the insides of the pipes looked at. Having your industrial sewer and/or process pipes inspected when you first recognize any of the above issues will help prevent more serious damage and costly repairs in the future.

The Pipe Inspection Process

We understand the importance of ensuring that inspections are fast, clean, and effective, and wherever possible do not interrupt production. The purpose of the inspection is to determine what is causing the symptoms that are being experienced.

The inspection process involves inserting a high-end camera with modern video capability into the pipe that appears to have the issue. The camera, which is typically fitted with LED lighting and has the ability to pan and tilt, is attached to a flexible cable that will guide it through the length of the pipe. Our technicians monitor the video screen to identify the type and location of any blockage. The video is also recorded for you and for future reference.

In order to keep the inspection minimally invasive, we will typically use a pre-existing access point on a small diameter service pipe. These pipes typically have a cleanout at the beginning of their run, often every 200 feet, and this provides us with the access we need to insert our high-resolution camera equipment.

Why You Should Trust in CME’s Pipe Inspection & Repair Services

The inspection and especially the repair of industrial sewer and/or process pipes is often a uniquely complex process: first of all because of the need for minimal disruption, if any, of the production schedule, and secondly because of the risk and consequences of getting it wrong. Our professional technicians know what to look for, namely cracks, leaks, misaligned pipe joints, corrosion, or any other problems that are or might in the near future affect the pipe’s functionality. Checking for and recognizing any issues early on is extremely important. Allowing them to linger for too long will result in much more expansive damage to the pipe and therefore much more involved, disruptive, and costly repairs to the overall facility.

Once the inspection of all suspect pipes is finished, our professionals will use the footage to determine the root cause of the problem and define the best possible solution for the facility. If you have any concerns about the integrity of the pipes of your industrial property in the greater Cincinnati area, contact our team today.