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Pipe repairs can be complicated in any circumstance; but, when a municipal line is experiencing problems the level of urgency increases as additional critical elements are inherent to the issue and the environmental impact is much broader. In large cities or on government sites, digging up the roadways or parks to access the pipes that need repair or replacement can disrupt traffic flow, city schedules, and the lives of entire neighborhoods of people. That’s why the professionals at CME are proud to offer a broad range of municipal entities from schools and local governments to transportation authorities and public landowners convenient and non-invasive trenchless pipe repair methods.

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What Trenchless, aka Cure-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) Repair Fixes

A property’s pipes could be experiencing issues for a number of reasons. Maybe they’re old and simply disintegrate. Maybe they have an excess of buildup in them. Maybe there are cracks that have caused pooling or have been invaded by gravel or tree roots. Whatever your problem, CME can solve it. CIPP lining is available for use on pipes ranging from 3” to 54” in diameter. This versatile solution creates a brand new pipe within your existing pipe, restoring the integrity of your line to like-new condition by covering any cracks, holes, or damage that may be present along the way.

How CIPP Lining Works

No-dig pipe repairs are a multi-step process. To start, we create two small access points at the beginning and the end of your line. From these access points, we conduct a thorough camera inspection of your pipes to identify any problem areas and clean them out in preparation for lining. Once we have identified the problem areas and removed all debris from the line, we use the inversion method of CIPP to insert a specialized epoxy-resin-saturated fabric liner that is then pressurized to connect evenly to the inside of your existing pipes, and cured (hardened) to create a new and seamless pipe within your od and dysfunctional pipe. The resin cures over the course of a few hours with ambient air, or in about thirty minutes using heat, meaning your plumbing systems will be ready for reinstatement the same day.

The new epoxy pipe that lines your old damaged pipe offers improved flow rates due to its smooth surface and lasts at least fifty years so you won’t have to worry about follow-up repairs for decades to come. The CIPP method’s longevity, non-invasive nature, and environmentally-friendly design are just some of the reasons this is CME’s preferred method of municipal pipeline repair.

Benefits of Trenchless Pipe Lining vs. Traditional Methods of Pipe Repair

While trenchless technology is innovative, it is far from new. Companies began working with trenchless methods in the 1970s, and they have been successfully used by municipalities to repair lines running beneath roadways, schools, parks, and public lands. It is the preferred choice of many government agencies and contractors due to the minimal level of destruction, disruption, and post-job repairs needed.

Traditional pipe repair involved plumbing companies digging deep trenches to access the pipes that laid beneath the surface. This work included bringing in heavy construction equipment, clocking additional man-hours for the dig, and tearing up the property above the damaged pipe. In busy areas with heavy car traffic, foot traffic, or hectic event schedules this created major disruptions in a city’s routine and services.

Trenchless repairs, however, use small access points to conduct their work. This means that when our job is finished, so is yours – and you won’t have to factor landscape repairs and road replacements into your budget because of a plumbing issue. The experienced pipe repair professionals at CME are able to complete repair projects in days versus weeks or hours versus days, depending on the magnitude of the project, so your commercial and public properties will experience the shortest possible disruption in their normal flow if any at all.

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The team at CME works with government contractors and municipal bodies to minimize any disruption caused by damaged pipes so that their cities continue to run smoothly. We repair steel, Orangeburg, PVC, and plastic pipes efficiently and effectively throughout Northern Kentucky, Greater Cincinnati, Southwest Indiana, and beyond. We also have an in-depth knowledge of the regulations and laws surrounding sewer work, as well as years of experience in sewer pipe repair, making us the perfect company to handle your municipal sewer needs.

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