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Much like smaller house lines, the drain pipes in a city or county need routine maintenance and cleaning to continue functioning at optimum capacity. At CME, we specialize in helping municipal bodies and government contractors keeps their drains running smoothly with state-of-the-art trenchless drain cleaning technology. We work with clients throughout the Midwest, working to keep pipeline systems running smoothly without disrupting the daily activities of your city or town’s residents.

How to Tell if You Need a Drain Cleaning

There are tell-tale signs that the municipal drains in your area may not be functioning properly. By keeping an eye out for even small indications of these drain clog symptoms, you can ensure that your city avoids major disruptions due to drain issues.

Backing Up
The most obvious sign of drain issues is water backup. If you notice the wastewater not draining in a given area, it is likely a blockage is to blame. Eventually, a total backup will cause pooling which can damage property and create hazards for the surrounding environment.

Slow Drains
Slow drains are slightly more difficult to detect, though they are an equally telling symptom of drain problems. When the water is still draining into your pipes but is moving markedly more slowly than usual it’s likely that a partial clog is to blame. Fortunately, these symptoms can be alleviated quickly throughout the Tri-State area by the pros at CME.

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How CME Cleans Your Drains

At CME, our priority is your convenience. That’s why we use no-dig trenchless methods to clean drains and remove blockages from your municipal drain lines. This process is generally accomplished in two steps.

Step One: Creating an Access Hole
The cornerstone of trenchless technology is its non-invasive nature. We avoid digging up your city’s parks, streets, and government buildings by instead opting to drill two small access holes into the beginning and the end of your line. We can use these holes to do everything from drain cleaning to total pipe replacement, leaving the ground above it undisturbed and post-work renovations out of your budget.

Step Two: Inspecting & Cleaning the Drain
Once the access holes are created, we first insert a camera into the line to get an idea of the condition of your pipe’s interior. Then, we feed a multi-directional nozzle capable of blasting out water at 3,500 PSI into the line and use clean, potable water to wash away any corrosion or blockages. This drain cleaning method is environmentally-friendly and keeps damaging chemicals out of your pipes.

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Call the experts at CME today if you’re experiencing drain issues or to schedule a routine drain cleaning. We work with municipal entities and government contractors throughout Cincinnati, Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.