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All pipes are subject to damage and corrosion over time. The cities and counties in Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio have intricate and far-reaching sewage systems, which makes them particularly susceptible to plumbing problems – especially if the area is old and is relying on outdated sewer and pipeline infrastructure.

Why CIPP is Good for Municipalities

Roadways, public buildings, and public spaces like parks need to remain functional for a city to continue to thrive. That’s why government contractors, city planners, and other municipal entities turn to trenchless pipe methods when their sewers need repairs. Cure-in-place-pipeline (or CIPP) repairs are the preferred method for pipeline technicians to fix a multitude of problems within a pipeline without disrupting the land and lives that sit above it.

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How Trenchless Pipeline Repairs Work

The first step to fixing your pipeline’s problem is identifying it. That’s why each trenchless repair job begins with a thorough camera inspection. Two small access holes are drilled into the beginning and the end of the line that needs attention, and a camera is fed in from above-ground where footage is monitored and evaluated. The problem is then pinpointed, and a plan of action is created.

Before any further work can begin, the pipeline needs to be cleaned and prepared. To accomplish this in a green environmentally-friendly way, the professionals at CME rely on a method known as hydro jetting. Hydro jetting involves inserting a multi-directional nozzle into the pipeline from above ground and shooting clean water through it at 3,500 PSI. This effectively dislodges any clogs and removes corrosion without the need for harmful chemicals.

CIPP Repairs
When the pipes are clean, we begin the repair process. At CME we utilize the inversion CIPP method, which inverts a pipe whose interior is coated with epoxy resin through your line, pressing the resin into the interior walls. Once in place, the resin will cure and create a new pipe within your old one, fixing any cracks or holes along the way and leaving you with a like-new line.

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Call CME for Your Municipal Project Today

The professionals at CME have been serving the Tri-State area for almost twenty years, and have performed every type of municipal sewer and water line repair during that span. We are known throughout the Midwest for our high-quality work and professional technicians and can get your pipes back in functioning order in no time, so the residents of your county, city, or state can get on with their lives.