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Many municipalities throughout the Cincinnati, OH region are depending on outdated piping to serve their communities, but municipal sewer repair does not have to be complicated. Aging pipes are prone to bursting and leaking, and quickly making repairs is a necessity for local governments. A number of facilities depend on the city’s underground plumbing system, so municipal sewer repair must be performed by Cincinnati sewer repair professionals.

Repiping even a small portion of a city’s area can take extensive man-power and weeks to complete, but with CME Sewer Repair service in Cincinnati, OH, municipal sewer repair is done efficiently, oftentimes with minimal excavating and as little downtime to public services as possible.

Signs a municipal sewer repair is needed:

  • Increase in sinkholes in a particular area
  • Puddling on city streets or grass
  • Concentrated sewage odor
  • Visible sewage near manholes or drains
  • Rodent or insect problem (broke sewer line will force rodents and insects out of their underground homes)

Our technicians understand that repairing municipal sewer lines is more complicated than residential projects, as it can often close streets, disrupt water service to nearby buildings, and even call for work on private property. The best way to handle municipal sewer repair is with trenchless pipe repair by the CME team.

Municipal Trenchless Sewer Repair

Trenchless sewer repair now gives cities the power to effectively treat broken sewer lines without blocking major traffic routes or closing facilities for days at a time.

Cure-in-place-pipeline (or CIPP) repairs are the preferred method for pipeline technicians to fix a multitude of problems within a pipeline without disrupting the land and lives that sit above it. To use the CIPP method for municipal sewer repairs, the CME team works in three phases:

  • Camera Inspection: Two small access holes are drilled into the beginning and the end of the line that needs attention, and a camera is fed in from above-ground where footage is monitored and evaluated. The problem is then pinpointed, and a plan of action is created.
  • Pipe Cleaning: Before the CIPP process can begin, the pipes must be cleaned and prepped for the process. Hydro jetting is the pipe cleaning method used by the CME team as an environmentally-friendly way to rid the pipes of all debris. The process involves spraying high-pressure water through the city pipes to clear clogs, debris, and tree roots.
  • CIPP: Once a follow-up camera inspection confirms the pipes are clean, the CIPP process begins. Technicians use advanced technology to complete the inversion CIPP method, which inverts a pipe whose interior is coated with epoxy resin through the city line, pressing the resin into the interior walls. The resin then creates a new pipe inside the old one, repairing any leaks or corrosion.

The CIPP process is transformative for municipal sewer repair work. The sewer line can be completely repaired without the major inconveniences of traditional sewer line work.

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Cincinnati, OH Municipal Sewer Repair Service

CME Sewer Repair is passionate about getting the municipal sewer repair job done quickly with quality materials and craftsmanship we stand behind. Contact the CME team for a municipal sewer line inspection for needed repairs or to develop a regular pipe maintenance schedule.