Reliable Sewer Camera Inspection in Cincinnati, OH, and Nearby Areas

Residential sewer lines are installed to remove wastewater from the home and transport it to the main sewer line located underneath the street. The sewer line’s job is extremely important for both your comfort and your health, so when your sewer and drain pipes are not functioning properly, you will experience problems, some potentially serious. It is essential that you are aware of the signs of a possible sewer pipe malfunction since a complete sewage backup will eventually occur if the blocked and/or damaged sewer pipe is not attended to. At CME Pipe Lining, we specialize in a variety of sewer-pipe-related services that you can count on throughout the year, including sewer camera inspection in Cincinnati, OH, and surrounding areas for your residential property’s sewer line.

Signs of a Residential Sewer Line Malfunction

Some signs of a sewer pipe malfunction are obvious: a noticeable sewer smell in your home, and/or toilets backing up. Some signs, however, are less obvious, such as slow draining sinks and tubs, a new dip in your yard or even cracking in your driveway or porch. Slow draining sinks and tubs mean that the water isn’t flowing freely down your sewer pipe, indicating some sort of blockage. The dip in your yard and cracks in your driveway or porch typically indicate a collapsed sewer pipe (which will likely also cause slow drainage in the house).

Causes of these symptoms vary, from the penetration of tree roots into the pipe to clogs formed by organic material, or the flushing of wet wipes and other waste products down your pipe. You may have some or all of the aforementioned signs, but even if you only have one of them, you should have your sewer pipe checked before the damage gets worse. Note that a pipe inspection needs to be performed by a professional.

Our team of business and sewer professionals at CME Pipe Lining pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, as well as effective and appropriate sewer repair solutions. Being a trusted pipe lining company in Cincinnati, OH, we service all manner of residential properties including apartment complexes, condominiums, townhomes, private residential communities, and more.

Upon arriving at your home for the first time we will ask a number of questions to determine what the issue may be. Once we have discussed the issue with you, we will set up our sewer camera to inspect the inside of your sewer pipe.

This camera inspection should allow us to visually and definitively determine the nature and location of your problem – as long as the pipe is clear enough for the camera to travel through it. We will then discuss the best way to eliminate it, starting with a thorough cleaning and then one or several of the following sewer camera inspection services:

  • Pipe Inspection
  • Drain Inspection
  • Plumbing Inspection

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Real-Time Sewer Camera Inspection

Sewer camera inspections are invaluable as they allow us to conduct a visual inspection of exactly what is happening to your sewer lines and other underground pipes from the inside. Oftentimes these pipes are located under your home’s cement foundation, driveway, and or/porch. Before the advent of sewer cameras, these pipes would have to be accessed by digging down to them, meaning the destruction of property and high restoration costs after the fact.

The sewer inspection begins with one of our skilled and highly trained technicians inserting a flexible rod with a high-resolution waterproof camera into the sewer pipe via a pre-existing cleanout or single access point. The rod is easily maneuvered through all the twists and turns of the sewer pipe, allowing for the camera to thoroughly capture any abnormalities along the entire length of the pipe, including any cracks, impeding roots, and/or clogs. Residential sewer pipes typically range anywhere from 3 to a maximum of 36 inches in diameter and we are equipped with all the necessary tools for any of these pipe sizes.

Residential sewer camera inspections are executed by a trained professional who watches the footage in real-time on a video monitor. The video is also recorded for the customer and for future reference. It provides immediate and accurate data to the homeowner so any sewer pipe issues can be addressed quickly.

Sewer camera inspection is the recommended first step for any assessment of a sewer pipe’s condition. If you find yourself hiring a service to flush out your sewer pipe as a result of a backup or even just the presence of sewer smells in your home, it is worth having the sewer pipe camera because your problems will not go away, and you will find yourself paying to flush the line more and more often going forward.

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Why You Should Use a Camera For Sewage Lines

One of the main reasons we tell our customers to have a sewer camera inspection is to save them time (and money) as it relates to fixing any type of sewer line problem. Waiting to solve a sewer line issue will eventually lead to more, and more expensive, problems. Our team of  professionals is prepared to deliver outstanding services to these other locations:

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The second reason we recommend using a sewer camera inspection is to save you money on the residential sewer repair. Correctly identifying the issue, and knowing exactly where and what the problem is, will allow us to come up with the fastest and most affordable way to fix your home’s sewer pipe, for the long term. Call us today or fill out our online form to work with leading pipe-lining experts in the greater Cincinnati area.