Signs Your Industrial Pipes Need Trenchless Repair

At CME Pipe Lining & Sewer Repair, we understand the nature of your industrial pipe systems inside and out. Our technicians are experienced and focused on rehabilitating, among others, industrial process, ventilation, and sewer pipes, using our proven trenchless pipe repair process. Trenchless pipe repair is a relatively new concept in the pipe repair industry, utilizing cutting-edge technology to minimize the stress, expense and duration of your pipe repair service. 

Why Might My Business Require Trenchless Pipe Repairs?

Over time, the various liquids and waste materials running through your pipes pipes will cause corrosion, erosion, buildup and eventually blockages. Unfortunately, pipe damage is usually not recognized until it is significant enough to create visible, audible and/or smell-able symptoms: slow drainage, gurgling, odors. Pipe systems are generally designed to withstand the environment they are in for a period of decades, but we have seen instances where the wrong pipe was installed for the high-temperature wastewater running through it, and if your plant is an older one, those pipes may be quite a ways through their lifecycle already. If you are concerned that your pipes may be compromised in some way, or if you are experiencing the symptoms of comprised pipes, be sure to contact a service provider that is experienced in your specific industrial environment, like CME. 

Trenchless Repairs Resolve Many Common pipe Problems

The need for trenchless repairs can be determined with a fairly simple diagnostic process. If your industrial property has landscaping or foliage that intersects a damaged pipe beneath it, you may notice a discolouration of the area around where the damaged pipe sits. In the event that the damaged pipe is located inside your property, backed-up floor drains are another clear sign of the need for trenchless pipe repairs. In some cases, the only sign that your pipes are damaged would be an increase in the cost of your sewage services, or of your water usage. In the event that you observe any of these conditions, contact a trenchless pipe repair expert like CME Pipe Lining to fully and precisely diagnose the problem and resolve it.

Does Your Business Require Industrial-Grade Trenchless Pipe Repair? Go for CME!

If you believe your industrial pipe system is compromised in any way, don’t wait to act. These issues do not go away on their own, and they will get worse. At CME Pipe Lining and Sewer Repair, our staff is always ready and willing to answer any questions and address any concerns you may have regarding our service and your needs Our expert technicians are trained in the most effective and efficient trenchless pipe repair solutions, and would love to add you to our long list of pleased and relieved customers. Contact CME to schedule an appointment today!