The Sewer Camera Inspection Process

Keep your sewer lines flawless with the sewer camera inspection services in Cincinnati, OH, from CME Pipe Lining. The type of camera inspection we do to peek inside sewer pipes can benefit anyone with residential or commercial sewer lines. Continue reading to learn more about how the sewer camera inspection process works.

What a Sewer Camera Inspection Is

Sewer camera inspections are done with a high-resolution video camera that’s inserted into the sewer pipe that needs to be examined. The results help our technicians identify any potential issues. Some of the problems that can be identified with a sewer inspection of your sewer line include:

  • Breaks or cracks
  • Corrosion
  • Leaks or accumulated water where there shouldn’t be any
  • Tree roots and other sources of blockages
  • Leaking joints

How the Inspection Is Carried Out

The high-resolution camera used for the drain inspection is attached to a flexible rod. The rod and the attached camera is inserted into an existing service access point called a cleanout. Because the rod is flexible, the camera can be moved through the sewer line freely. Lighting features allow the camera to instantly produce clear images on a monitor.

Reasons to Have an Inspection Done

It’s common to request a plumbing inspection if you’re already seeing signs of a problem to determine the issue with your pipes. However, this isn’t the only reason to have an inspection done. Here are just a few others:

  • Proactively to spot potential issues early
  • Determining if trenchless sewer repair methods are possible
  • Locating items that were accidentally put down a drain
  • During the process of moving in or out to clearly document sewer line conditions

Give Us a Call to Get Instant Answers

Get fast, reliable results by reaching out to CME Pipe Lining to schedule a pipe inspection. You’ll be able to view the real-time and recorded footage for yourself to see why any follow-up service recommendations are being made. Contact our team today for top-quality sewer camera inspection services. You may also get in touch with our maintenance division, SWS Environmental.