Top 3 Reasons To Have Your Sewer Lines Checked Before Winter

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Winter is approaching and so is the time for a regular home maintenance check. And while you are doing that, don’t forget your sewer lines. Sewer Line Maintenance is often the most ignored part of your winter home maintenance.

We rarely pay attention to our drain pipes unless, of course, there is a problem. But if you ignore your drain pipes this winter, you could land in big trouble. Want to know why? Here are our top 3 reasons to have your sewer lines checked before winter.

Identify Sewer Pipe Problems

When the temperature changes, the ground conditions also change. As you know, the ground freezes and thaws quite often. These shifts impact your sewer pipes. If the temperature goes below the freezing point, the pipes might also freeze. This will cause some big issues with water drainage in your homes.

You might find yourself going a century back to when people had to use pails and tubs for their washing and cleaning. Before winter comes, it’s best to make sure something like this won’t happen to you. No one wants to repair or replace sewer pipes in freezing cold temperatures. Think of all the time you will have to spend outside supervising plumbers if that happens.

Check for Leaking Pipes

The changing temperatures directly affect your sewer pipes. The winter cold is constantly affecting your pipe dimensions. They expand and contract irregularly. This will likely cause cracks in the pipes, leading to leaks in your sewer pipes. Even a small crack is a potential impending disaster. You might wake up to a flooded home or garden, or you might observe a hike in your utility bills. Plant roots can easily intrude into these cracks and cause a blockage.  If you want to avoid all of these situations, it’s best to check for leaking pipes.

Disposal Unit Check

With the winter approaching, we also start planning for the festive season. Baking and cooking for Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Year often takes a toll on your sewer pipes and disposal units.

Your disposal units take the worst of it. You are constantly draining grease, oil, and small food particles down your kitchen drains. These usually end up in your disposal units. With all the parties and the fun to attend to, you don’t want to be bogged down with a disposal unit problem. Especially if you are planning a big party at your home! If you are planning to overwork your disposal unit, prepare it by cleaning it up properly.

Professional Sewer Pipe Check-up before Winter

If your wish is to make your winters pleasant and to cozy up with a mug of hot chocolate without home maintenance problems destroying the effect, pay attention to the top 3 reasons to have your sewer lines checked before winter. Professional, experienced plumbers are trained to identify potential sewer pipes issues during winter in your area.

Give us a call at CME Sewer Repair. We can look at your sewer pipes for you, offering you insulation against sewer pipe emergencies during the cold weather.